Microchip Technology Inc.

High Performance Motor Control and General Purpose MCUs

Supported 8-bit & 16-bit Architectures: PIC® Microcontrollers

Microchip’s dsPIC33E DSCs and PIC24E MCUs for motor control and general purpose MCUs combine a 16-bit, 70 MIPS PIC24E or dsPIC33E core with industry leading peripherals. The dsPIC33E core includes a DSP extension to accelerate math operations. Available in a wide variety of packages and memory sizes, the PIC24E MCUs and dsPIC33E DSCs fit any application needing high performance!


  • High-performance 16-bit, 70 MIPS PIC24E or dsPIC33E Core (DSP instructions included with dsPIC® DSC core)
  • 32-512 KB of Flash available
  • 28 to 100-pin packages available, including ultra small 5×5 mm 36-pin VTLA package
  • Motor control PWM modules simplify generating complex PWM waveforms
  • Over 10 motor control application notes and 3 motor control development platforms available
  • mTouch™ hardware for capacitive touch sensing enables advanced human machine interfaces
  • CAN, I²C™, SPI, and UART communication peripherals


More information and samples of the dsPIC33E and PIC24E families can be found at www.microchip.com/16bit.

The dsPIC33E and PIC24E families have 12 products in production and more on the way.

Motor control development tools and application notes can be found at www.microchip.com/motor



  • dsPIC33E/PIC24E USB starter kit provides an easy way to evaluate dsPIC33E DSCs or PIC24E MCUs.
  • $64.99
  • Part number DM330012


  • Home appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators
  • Automotive motor control systems
  • Industrial pumps, fans and other motor systems
  • Automotive sensors
  • Consumer sensor systems

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