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Low-Cost Motor Control and General Purpose MCUs

Supported 8-bit & 16-bit Architectures: PIC® Microcontrollers

Microchip’s 16 MIPS, 16 KB of Flash dsPIC33F and PIC24F family brings the performance of a 16-bit dsPIC33F or PIC24F to cost sensitive applications. The dsPIC33F and PIC24F 16 MIPS family can be tailored for motor control or general purpose applications. dsPIC33F devices include DSP hardware to accelerate math operations. For motor control applications, Microchip offers an ultra low-cost motor control starter kit for sensorless BLDC motor control.


  • High performance 16-bit, 16 MIPS dsPIC33F or PIC24F Core (dsPIC33F includes DSP hardware)
  • 16 KB of Flash
  • 18 to 36-pin packages available, including SPDIP and ultra small 36-pin 5×5 mm VTLA
  • Motor control PWM modules simplify generating complex PWM waveforms
  • mTouch™ hardware for capacitive touch sensing enables advanced human machine interfaces
  • I²C™, SPI, and UART communication peripherals


More information and samples of the PIC24F and dsPIC33F families can be found at www.microchip.com/16bit.

Motor control development tools and application notes for the PIC24F and dsPIC33F can be found at www.microchip.com/motor.



  • Motor Control Starter Kit enables easy sensorless BLDC development
  • Complete kit with motor for only $99.99
  • Part number DM330015


  • Home appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators
  • Automotive motor control systems
  • Industrial pumps, fans and other motor systems
  • High end toys including model cars, planes, and helicopters
  • Automotive sensors
  • Consumer sensor systems

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