microEngineering Labs, Inc.

microEngineering Labs, Inc.

The PICBASIC PRO™ Compiler bridges the gap between ease of use and professional level results. The simplicity of the language allows both hobbyist and engineer to master it quickly.

This is a true compiler that produces fast, optimized machine code that’s stable and dependable with execution times that rival C compilers.

  • Support for PIC10, PIC12, PIC16, and PIC18
  • MPLAB-compatible language tool
  • Source-level debugging in MPLAB
  • Direct register access in Basic
  • 32 bit signed integer math for PIC18

Providing development tools for PIC® microcontrollers for more than a decade.

Contact Information

microEngineering Labs, Inc.

2845 Ore Mill Road, STE 4
Colorado Springs, CO, 80904

tele: (719) 520-5323
fax: (719) 520-1867

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