Elma Electronic Inc.  

40Gigabit AdvancedTCA Backplanes

Specification Compliance: PICMG 3.0

Elma Bustronic’s 14-slot Dual Star AdvancedTCA (ATCA) backplanes are compliant to the PICMG 3.0 Rev 3.0 specification. The experts in high-speed differential pair routing, the Elma Bustronic signal integrity laboratory has simulated and characterized these ATCA backplanes to optimize performance.

The company’s 40G ATCA backplane is designed to meet 40Gbps (4 x 10G ports) data rates. It is based on design principles of IEEE 802.3ba-2010, 10- and 40-Gigabit Ethernet.

Elma Bustronic also offers backplanes using the Z-plane™ Z-Links on the rear of the board for the high-speed routing. This solution offers speeds beyond 60 Gbps. Contact Elma Bustronic for more details.


  • Compliant to PICMG 3.0 Rev 3.0 specification and based on design principles of IEEE 802.3ba-2010, 10GBASE-KR, and 40GBASE-KR4


  • Extensive pre-layout and post-layout simulation studies
  • Back-drilled to minimize stub reflections. Very low insertion loss deviation (ILD)
  • Dual shelf manager connectors in slot 0, radial IPMB/I2C implementation
  • Up to 400W/slot cooling and 48VDC distribution to each slot


Contact Information

Elma Electronic Inc.  

44350 S. Grimmer Blvd.
Fremont, CA, 94538
United States

tele: 510-656-3400
fax: 510-656-3783

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