Adax, Inc.

Adax PacketRunner

Intelligent ACTA Carrier Blades

Compatible Operating Systems: Linux
Specification Compliance: Standards: • PICMG ATCA 3.0 and 3.1, Region 3 Option 9 • IPMI v1.5 • IEEE 802.3 • Designed to meet Belcore GR-63-CORE

The Adax PacketRunners (APR and APR+) are intelligent, Cavium-based, 4-bay ATCA carrier blades for telecom applications. The on-board Cavium OCTEON 5650 multicore processor with memory and cache gives developers a high performance, highly flexible and scalable blade for LTE, 4G, and all other demanding telecom network applications. The APRs deliver the perfect ATCA subsystem for secure user and control plane applications.

The APRs uniquely offer I/O and processing scalability with access to the host Cavium. All at a viable price point for IP transport, packet processing and signaling on a single blade without the need for a general CPU or ProcessorAMC. This is the industry’s most cost-effective, multi-purpose solution in one tightly coupled resource.

The flexible architecture of the Adax PacketRunner fulfills ATCA’s promise of horizontal expansion at a reduced cost. In a redundantly designed system, cards and blades may be added, removed, and reallocated with no loss of service and network operators are able to retain the value of their initial CAPEX investment well into the future.


  • Cavium OCTEON Plus CN5650, 12 cores at 750MHz – Option for CN5430, 4 cores at 700 MHz
  • QuickPort:
    • Pre-built kernel and Debian file system
    • Pre-installed Adax software; Linux Streams (LiS), SIGTRAN, HDC3 and ATM4 board drivers
    • A development environment
    • Set-up instructions and support
  • 4 AMC bays for Adax and/or 3rd party mid-size AMC cards
  • 2 GB of DDR2 Memory – Options for 4 GB and 8 GB DDR2 Memory
  • Ethernet Switch: APR – 4x 1GbE to each AMC bay APR+ – 1x 10GbE and 2x 1GbE to each AMC bay Common to APR/APR+: – 2x 10 GbE to Fabric domain – 2x 1 GbE to Base domain – 10 GbE from Cavium to switch


  • Standards:
    • PICMG ATCA 3.0 and 3.1, Region 3 Option 9
    • IPMI v1.5
    • IEEE 802.3
    • Designed to meet Belcore GR-63-CORE

  • Processor:
    • Cavium Octeon Plus CN5650, 12 Cores at 750 MHz
    • Cavium Octeon Plus CN5430, 4 Cores at 700 MHz (option)
  • Ethernet Controller:
    • APR: Broadcom 56513
    • Fullwire speed switching for 24 1GbEs and 3 10GbEs
    • APR+: Broadcom 56639
    • Full wire speed switching for 7 10GbEs and 14 1GbEs
  • Memory:
    • 2, 4 or 8 GigaBytes of DDR2 Memory (2GB standard)
    • 32MB of Flash Memory
    • Compact Flash disk
  • Interfaces:
    • 4 AMC bays, each with 4x 1GbE & 1x PCIe (APR) and 1x 10GbE, 2x 1GbE & 1x PCIe (APR+)
    • 1 front-panel micro-USB port
    • 1 micro-USB to the Cavium
    • 2x 1GbE to Base
    • 2x 10GbE to Fabric


Available Now


  • Policy Control/Enforcement
  • Lawful Intercept
  • Data Optimisation
  • Data Offload
  • Backhaul & Aggregation
  • QoS
  • Traffic Management
  • SMS, Roaming, Ring Tones, Billing
  • Monitoring, Test, Measurement
  • Control & User plane Interworking
  • IP Tunneling, Switching, Routing & Backhaul

Contact Information

Adax, Inc.

2900 Lakeshore Ave
Oakland, CA, 94610

tele: 510-548-7047
fax: 510-548-5526

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