GTP-AMC: GTP Acceleration for LTE and Legacy Networks


GTP-AMC Overview

The GTP-AMC card is a high performance AdvancedTCA Mezzanine Controller designed for use in all aspects of telecommunications networks. It provides unmatched acceleration of GTP-U tunnels in both LTE and legacy network nodes. It can also play a key role in critical Mobile Data Offload and Policy Enforcement applications. The new Adax GTP-U offload capability solves two major problems for network providers; how to bring ATM traffic into the all-IP network and how to relieve the growing burden of internet-bound traffic on the core mobile network. The GTP-AMC also includes support for ATM host termination, and L2/L3/L4 or higher interworking between Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and ATM interfaces. This GTP controller is ideal for demanding carrier applications in Wireless 3G, 4G, LTE, IMS, Internet Access, Fixed/Mobile Convergence and Next Generation Mobile Networks.

GTP-U Acceleration

Dedicating the GTP-AMC card GTP-U to user plane traffic delivers unrivalled performance critical to today’s mobile broadband traffic requirements. By offloading the GTP-U data traffic onto the GTP-AMC, systems greatly increase their traffic capacity by freeing host systems to deal with only control plane traffic. In LTE the eNodeB sets up GTP-U tunnels through the SGW and PGW for all user plane traffic. Accelerating data across these paths removes a bottleneck in network performance, thus increasing user Quality of Experience (QoE) as well as supporting differential services and associated billing for improved carrier revenues.

Accelerating GTP tunnels also remains a critical requirement in 2/3G networks as the build-out of LTE will take some time. The Adax GTP-AMC card extends the life of 3G RNCs, SGSNs and GGSNs by providing on-board IP-IP relay and interworking of GTP ATM-based tunnels to IP-based tunnels making for a seamless transition to LTE.

Mobile Data Offload (MDO)

Mobile internet traffic needs to be moved off the IP core as soon as possible to relieve congestion in the core network. Mobile Data Offload not only reduces costs for the operators but improves QoS for the user which in turn generates revenue for the carriers.

In general traffic can either be offloaded from the Radio Access Network (RAN) or the Core Network. RAN offload includes Femtocells and WiFi but it is offloading internet traffic before it reaches the Core that can have the biggest benefits. LTE/EPC is the perfect architecture to realize those benefits. Under the control of the MME in conjunction with the HSS and PCRF, traffic can be prioritized within the Core or offloaded according to prescribed plans or real time user choices.

Adax products deliver the necessary functionality to support both the data offload and policy enforcement. To support MDO applications, the GTP-AMC can be configured as a transparent network element between the eNodeB and the SGW, interworking GTP tunnels either towards the SGW or towards an Internet gateway on a per-PDP context basis.
This can be done without any reconfiguration of either the eNodeB or the SGW. GTP-C and GTP’ control plane traffic can be terminated to the host system in order to synchronize the offloaded GTP-U tunnels. Combined with the intelligent Packet Filtering and Packet Processing strengths of the Adax PacketRunner, Pkt-AMC and Pkt2-PCIe cards (see separate datasheets) the GTP-AMC ensures that Mobile Data Offload not only reduces costs for the operators but improves the service for the user and revenues for the carriers.

Adax is an industry leader in high-performance packet processing, security, and network infrastructure for the All-IP network delivering a highly-flexible set of protocol controllers, packet processing boards, software protocols, and now integrated systems. Adax meets today’s challenges of performance, scalability, cost-effectiveness and high-availability with solutions for LTE, 3G, and Legacy networks and the interworking between them whilst reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

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