• Soft Talk - Multicore and Parallel Programming

    Soft Talk - Multicore and Parallel Programming

    Join the beta for new HTML5 development environment
    Published. December 5, 2012

    A new beta programme has begun for the Intel HTML5 Development Environment, which helps you to efficiently build HTML5 apps that run on multiple platforms and devices. The app is cloud-based, and it only works with the Google Chrome browser. Clearly, Intel is hoping you will use it to make apps for Ultrabook devices and [...]...

  • Tech Deseign Forums Blog

    Tech Deseign Forums Blog

    FinFET tipsheet for IEDM
    Published. December 4, 2012

    finFETs are vital to the next generation of CMOS processes from Intel, TSMC and others. How will process issues including bulk vs SOI substrates, density limitations, thickness control, and planar device integration affect their practical implementation?The post FinFET tipsheet for IEDM appeared first on Tech Design Forums....

  • Green Hills Software

    Green Hills Software

    Green Hills Software and Real Time Logic Partner for Web Middleware
    Published. December 3, 2012

    Complete Suite of Web Solutions Integrated with INTEGRITY RTOS...

  • Laptops and Desktops Blog

    Laptops and Desktops Blog

    Intel chips could power future iPad versions, says research analyst
    Published. December 2, 2012

    RBC Capital Markets speculates that Intel could build ARM-based chips for future iPhones and, in return, Apple could use x86 processors in next-generation iPads....

  • NextGenLog


    #MEMS: "Atom 'Clover Trail' Perfect for Windows 8"
    Published. November 30, 2012

    Intel claims that its "Clover Trail" Atom processor enables tablet computers to extend their battery lifetimes even longer than that nine-hours an iPad typically gets--citing 10-to-18 hour battery lifetimes for Atom-powered tablets from Lenova, Asus and others: R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLogWindows 8 tablets powered by Intel’s Atom Z2760 processor, code named “Clover Trail” can extend battery lifetime up to three weeks in standby mode or 10 hours watching HD video. Source: IntelHere is what Intel...

  • Electronics Design Articles

    Electronics Design Articles

    Battle Of The Supercomputing Nodes
    Published. November 29, 2012

    By William WongThis year’s supercomputing conference, SC12, delivered some of the hottest new technology that you can actually buy including Intel’s Xeon Phi, NVidia’s latest Kepler-based Tesla and AMD’s FirePro....

  • All About Microsoft

    All About Microsoft

    Microsoft Surface Pro to have half the Surface RT's battery life
    Published. November 30, 2012

    Microsoft has shared not only Surface Pro pricing, but also expected battery-life stats for its Intel-based PC/tablets coming in January....

  • Consumerization: BYOD

    Consumerization: BYOD

    computer screen turns black after a while
    Published. November 26, 2012

    Hi my computer is 4 years old and probably had its run downs a few times. intel 2,4ghz quad, hard drive 500gb seagate amd graphic card 6670 realtek audio motherboard foxconn g45M,win 7 64 bit. the pc freezes up with black or grey screen after a few minutes of gameplay ......

  • TI E2E Community

    TI E2E Community

    Blog Post: The Top 5 Reasons to be Thankful for CMOS
    Published. November 20, 2012

    Tis the season to be thankful… November 22nd marks Thanks Giving Day in the US where people gather around a table to consume a feast and give thanks for friends and family.  The engineering community has much to be thankful for as well.  The number “zero” for instance… without zero, the ability to represent large numbers would take a great deal of beans and things would be very difficult to calculate.  The semiconductor industry has many things to be thankful...

  • Editor's Note

    Editor's Note

    ARM Vs. Intel, Phase Two
    Published. November 2, 2012

    ARM wants a piece of the data center, Intel wants a piece of the mobile market. How they get there will impact the entire semi industry....

  • EDA Graffiti

    EDA Graffiti

    Memory Hierarchy Design - Part 6. The Intel Core i7, fallacies, and pitfalls
    Published. October 30, 2012

    This excerpt from the latest edition of the seminal Computer Architecture book by John Hennessy and David Patterson delves into details of memory hierarchy in systems designs. In this final installment, the authors review the memory design of the Intel Core i7; examine fallacies and pitfalls in memory hierarchy design; and conclude with a look ahead....

  • GreenTech Pastures

    GreenTech Pastures

    The mighty wind powers many high-tech giants
    Published. October 30, 2012

    All the companies in the EPA's latest ranking of top 20 high-tech users of electricity generated by green sources (led by Intel) use wind-generated electricity....

  • Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    “MicroFlix”…Funny name; how crazy would it be if Netflix joined the Microsoft Family?
    Published. October 29, 2012

    If Microsoft were to buy Netflix - and it's a big "if", since it's only a rumor - MSFT could join Apple, Amazon and Google in having a huge influence on the embedded industry. Continue reading →...

  • Technology Review Feed - Energy Top Stories

    Technology Review Feed - Energy Top Stories

    Intel Servers Take a Deep Dive to Cool Off
    Published. September 10, 2012

    After a yearlong test, Intel is designing servers to operate submerged in oil....

  • Gabe On EDA

    Gabe On EDA

    Zuken Innovation World
    Published. October 11, 2012

    Zuken Innovation World in Newport Beach is just days away, but there is still time to register! October 15-17, 2012 Hyatt Regency Newport Beach You can register here The conference includes two full days of presentations from Zuken experts, partners and customers. • North America Power Utility implementation of E³.series (Hydro-Québec) • World-class Silicon & Development Tools for Intelligent Embedded Connected Devices (Intel Corporation) read more...

  • Now Hear This!

    Now Hear This!

    Sponsored Link: Students – Share your projects and designs based on TI parts
    Published. September 30, 2012

    Enter the engineering industry prepared to make waves by leveraging TI's tools and our robust support system. Contribute your projects, browse your peers designs, and rate your favorite projects! This is a great place to get new design ideas, resources & inspiration....

  • Linux and Open Source

    Linux and Open Source

    Intel's new Clover Trail chip will support Android & Linux
    Published. September 19, 2012

    There have been rumors that Intel's new Atom CPU, Clover Trail, would only support Windows 8, but not Android or Linux. We now know that the chip will support these open-source operating systems as well....

  • EEBeat


    Intel future features
    Published. September 19, 2012

    by Jim Harrison Mark Bohr, Intel Senior Fellow and Director of Process Architecture and Integration, speaking at the Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco, said they can see chip process models working for another 10 years of Moore’s law. So we can all just stop worrying that the entire electronic universe will come to a [...]...

  • Ylian Saint-Hilaire (Intel)

    Ylian Saint-Hilaire (Intel) - Update + IDF
    Published. August 28, 2012

    Hi everybody! For the last few months I have been at work non-stop on, most of the changes are on the back-end server but I did want to post a status update on what is going on. First, I have been working a lot on improving Intel AMT support. Now again, Meshcentral does not [...]...

  • Gael Holmes Hofemeier (Intel)

    Gael Holmes Hofemeier (Intel)

    Intel Developer Tools for Ultrabook
    Published. August 17, 2012

    Soon Ultrabooks will become widely available and will come with new features.  Developers will want to know what tools they can use to take advantage of the new capabilities.   There will be two main components of the new, supporting OS:  the traditional Desktop  interface and the  New Windows* 8 User Interface (UI). This blog will [...]...

  • Denali Memory Blog

    Denali Memory Blog

    Cadence Video Demonstrates PCIe Gen3 IP Silicon Performance
    Published. August 6, 2012

    It is not often that an IP provider gets to showcase their IP performance in a real product demo. Those laurels usually end up going to the end product that uses the IP. But a recent Cadence video features our PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 3 core running flawlessly in silicon in a real system. We thought we would raise some eyebrows since, as of today, there are very few products in the market that utilize the full power of the PCIe Gen3 protocol, let alone those that have been designed using a commercial...


    A question a customer asked relative to Lustre and the Whamcloud acquisition
    Published. July 29, 2012

    Whats to become of Chroma (from Whamcloud)? I know its early, and I am sure that there won’t be answers just yet. Intel acquired Cilk, and its now available (and being integrated into gcc!) Intel acquired many others, and their bits are available. I’d expect Chroma to be made into an offering from Intel, along [...]...

  • Brian's Brain

    Brian's Brain

    Hybridization and virtualization: parallel paths to x86 mobile domination?
    Published. July 28, 2012

    Considering that x86 chipsets such as Intel's "Medfield" have now proven themselves competitive with mainstream ARM SOC alternative offerings, where would you place your long-term bets if you were a hybrid-O/S smartphone or tablet developer?...

  • Bob Duffy (Intel)

    Bob Duffy (Intel)

    Intel App Show 29: Developing Ultrabook Apps for Touch & Sensors Technologies
    Published. July 26, 2012

    Bob Duffy talks with Intel Engineer Daniel Holmlund, and show off an Ivy Bridge based Window 8 Ultrabook equipped with touch and sensor technology....

  • Frank Schirrmeister Blog

    Frank Schirrmeister Blog

    DAC 2012: Enabling the Programming of an Extensible Processing Platform
    Published. June 26, 2012

    We at Cadence have been writing about the virtual prototype associated with the Xilinx Zynq-7000 Extensible Processing Platform (EPP) quite a bit. At the recent Design Automation Conference (DAC) it was our pleasure to welcome Dave Beal from Xilinx in the EDA360 Theatre to talk about Zynq, its programming, and the virtual prototype Cadence co-developed with Xilinx.Dave started off with defining a virtual prototype as applied to the Zynq-7000. A virtual prototype encapsulates and models hardware,...

  • Wireless Sensor Networks Blog

    Wireless Sensor Networks Blog

    Intel’s Sensors Will Warn You About Running Outside When The Air Is Polluted
    Published. July 13, 2012

    Imagine a network of air quality monitors that kept you constantly up to date about big gusts of bad air. It’s on its way, and it might be partly powered by your own phone. Imagine: you’re gearing up to take a jog along your regular route when an app on your smartphone pushes out a [...]...

  • EDA Blog

    EDA Blog

    Avnet Embedded, Intel Offer Technical Training on Xeon E5 Processors
    Published. July 12, 2012

    Avnet Embedded and Intel will hold an online training class on the new Intel Xeon E5 family of processors. The in-depth technical training session will cover the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600/2400 families. The course will include a platform overview and technical highlights of each processor. The web-based training session will illustrate ways that Intel products [...]...

  • javierandrescaceres (Intel)

    javierandrescaceres (Intel)

    Building an Intel AMT Agent Monitor - Part II
    Published. July 11, 2012

    This post is the second part of a previous post covering the basics of developing a sample using the Intel AMT Agent Presence feature. In this post I’ll port the code to the latest SDK, then I’ll discuss some problems I found during migration and finally I’ll mention a potential usage case for future working. [...]...

  • James Reinders (Intel)

    James Reinders (Intel)

    Using OpenCL with Intel processors - free "webinars" on July 11, 18 and 25
    Published. July 10, 2012

    We are kicking off a series of OpenCL Webinars this week (they will be available for playback afterwards too). All talks are at 09:00 Pacific Time.  Register for the talks to get a link and optional reminder. July 11: Getting Started with Intel® SDK for OpenCL Applications 2012 July 18: Writing Efficient Code for OpenCL Applications 2012 [...]...

  • Kathy Farrel (Intel)

    Kathy Farrel (Intel)

    Learn about the new PC that can help take care of itself - the Intel® Small Business Advantage platform
    Published. June 29, 2012

    Did you know that Small Business is the largest and fastest growing commercial segment in the PC market? Most small businesses do not have IT departments or tools to manage their computing assets. Intel saves the day with the Intel® Small Business Advantage platform. Introduced earlier this year, Intel® SBA helps small business owners concentrate on their day-to-day business [...]...

  • Robert MuellerAlbrecht (Intel)

    Robert MuellerAlbrecht (Intel)

    Intel(R) Embedded Software Development Tool Suite Supports Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor N2xxx and D2xxx Seed Program
    Published. March 17, 2012

    The Intel(R) Embedded Software Development Tool Suite for Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor is available for free 30 day evaluation with 1 time renewal as part of the Intel® Atom™ Processor N2800 Development Kit Intel® Atom™ Processor D2700 Development Kit seed program. These development kits come with Yocto Project* 1.1 reference builds. Check it out at   [...]...

  • Gunjan Rawal (Intel)

    Gunjan Rawal (Intel)

    The countdown to Intel AppUp Elements 2011 begins!
    Published. June 29, 2011

    With only 90 days until Intel AppUp Elements 2011, it’s hard to go back in time and wrack my brain around the event in San Fransciso last year. :) The first few strong images in my mind comprise of attendees running between so many sessions, trying......

  • Tao B Wang (Intel)

    Tao B Wang (Intel)

    Explained on Video: Intel HAXM and How It Can Help Android App Development
    Published. June 6, 2012

    This video shows how any Android developer using an Intel® Architecture (IA) based host PC with Windows, Mac or Linux can greatly speed up Android emulation by leveraging Intel® Virtualization Technology. Side by side comparisons show the performance gains of using the free Intel® HAXM driver with the Intel® x86 Atom™ System Image to deliver [...]...

  • Ryan Newton (Intel)

    Ryan Newton (Intel)

    In Colorado? Join us at the Intel Concurrent Collections workshop (Sep 7)
    Published. September 1, 2011

    Next week we're having the third annual Concurrent Collections (CnC) workshop: If you're near Colorado State University, registration is only $25 and we'd be happy to see you there....

  • Clay Breshears (Intel)

    Clay Breshears (Intel)

    As fall Idaho twins, so falls Twin Falls, ID
    Published. December 14, 2011

    A chapter has closed on my career here at Intel. I hope this post isn't too maudlin....

  • Jeff Kataoka (Intel)

    Jeff Kataoka (Intel)

    Jeff's Notebook: Released for vPro™ technology: Intel® Setup and Configuration Software 8.0
    Published. April 13, 2012

    Good news for IT Managers and manageability software developers for Intel® vPro™ technology.  Our Intel vPro experts are constantly working our developer tools to improve the IT management of vPro client networks.  This week, they have released Intel Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) 8.0 to help IT managers and manageability software developers to set up and configure Intel® Active [...]...

  • Arch Robison (Intel)

    Arch Robison (Intel)

    Specification for Low Overhead Tool Annotations Released
    Published. November 11, 2011

    Program analysis tools can be valuable for debugging program correctness and performance issues, even more so for multi-threaded programs.   Some of these tools need to know about certain events in the program. For example, race detection for Intel® Cilk™ Plus programs requires knowing precisely when spawn and sync events happen.  Similar events are necessary to analyze [...]...

  • Joseph Hupcey Blog

    Joseph Hupcey Blog

    CDNLive Silicon Valley 2012: Much More than Moore
    Published. March 21, 2012

    Last week I had the pleasure of meeting dozens of customers at CDNLive! Silicon Valley, and learning from the keynotes, in-depth technical papers, and synchronistic conversations throughout the event.  Below are some highlights and themes that emerged.Left to right: Keynote speakers Lip-Bu Tan (Cadence), Rick Cassidy (TSMC), Tom Lantzsch (ARM)Keynote highlightsTwo things about the keynotes linger in my mind: first, the extensive amount of cross-company and interdisciplinary cooperation (and...

  • Ran Avinun's Blog

    Ran Avinun's Blog

    CDNLive! -- Israel and the U.S.
    Published. October 25, 2010

    The Cadence Design Network provides a great way to learn about the latest design and verification methodologies offered by Cadence, and the ways customers are using them. I had the pleasure to attend CDNLive! in Israel last week. For me, visting Israel is always an exciting time. In addiiton to the fact that I have a lot of friends and family there and the food is great, it is always facsinating to see such a small country with so much influcence on our industry. Most of the large electronic companies...

  • Pallab's Place

    Pallab's Place

    New Designs Focus on Devices
    Published. May 29, 2012

    In the midst of big chip announcements (Intel’s IvyBridge at 22nm, Nvidia’s Kepler at 7B devices) the discussion has centered on techniques for managing the design of these very large chips. On topic that has not been highlighted, but is apparent in the industry is the resurgence on basic devices and device level circuit design. [...]...

  • Jack Erickson's Blog

    Jack Erickson's Blog

    High-Level Design and Verification: How Can We Finally Move on From the Forrest Gump Era?
    Published. June 26, 2012

    Richard Goering wrote an excellent summary of the DAC panel "High Level Synthesis Deployment: Are We Ready?," which can be found here.His conclusion is that we are getting close, and one of the biggest hurdles still to overcome is the skill set -- the combination of hardware design expertise and C++ -- which represents an opportunity for engineers seeking a new or better career. That is a very insightful conclusion, given what we see in terms of drivers. Both Eli Singerman of Intel and...

  • Absolute Power

    Absolute Power

    Intel Extends Moore’s Law
    Published. October 21, 2011

    This blog originally posted on the Low Power Engineering Community 5/12/11.   It’s been an exciting week for designers of low-power electronics, as well as consumers of mobile devices. Intel announced on May 4 that its Tri-Gate 3D transistor technology is ready for production on its 22nm process. The “Ivy Bridge” processors are being [...]...

  • Steven Brown's Blog

    Steven Brown's Blog

    Cadence Investment in SystemC Continues -- NASCUG SystemC Day at DVCon
    Published. February 24, 2011

    Don't lose touch with what's new in the world of SystemC! Cadence is a long time contributor and sponsor of SystemC initiatives, and that commitment continues to show during next week's SystemC Day and North American SystemC User Group (NASCUG) at DVCon. The conference is being held at the DoubleTree hotel in San Jose, California, February 28th-March 3rd. Cadence has been involved in SystemC initiatives for so long I sometimes forget that not everyone knows the extent of our involvement....

  • Trenton Technology Blog

    Trenton Technology Blog

    BXT7059 SBC Expands Intelligent Systems Performance
    Published. May 19, 2012

    Incorporating the recently released Intel® Xeon® E5-2400 processor family, Trenton has announced the BXT7059 dual-processor PICMG 1.3 single board computer.  Designed to maximize computational speed and network communications, this long-life SBC is ideal for compute intensive government and defense, video processing, communications and GPU computing applications. Focused on high-performance computing, BXT7059 options include processors with [...]...

  • Common Thread

    Common Thread

    Multicore Apples
    Published. July 16, 2009

    There are no shortage of multicore technologies at the moment. Not far beyond the SMP offerings of Intel and AMD there is a wealth of alternative manycore architectures - most widely available in the form of General Purpose graphic processors. In embedded systems the choice is even wider and this is before we even start [...]...

  • FPGA Blog

    FPGA Blog

    CommAgility Introduces AMC-V6L FPGA Processing Module
    Published. May 22, 2012

    CommAgility introduced the AMC-V6L FPGA processing module. The AMC-V6L AdvancedMC module features the Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA, 256Mbytes of 16-bit DDR3 SDRAM memory, 128Mbytes of Flash memory, dual Gigabit Ethernet, and two SFP+ sockets. The CommAgility AMC-V6L is sampling now. It is priced at less than $2,000 in 1K+ volume. The AMC-V6L FPGA processing module is [...]...

  • John Day

    John Day

    Keep an eye on Intel
    Published. March 9, 2012

    Intel recently announced a $100 million Intel Capital Connected Car Investment Fund, an Automotive Innovation and Product Development Center, and the expansion of Intel Labs Interaction and Experience Research (IXR) in automotive, an academic outreach program. All three announcements have to do with in-vehicle infotainment, which has been Intel’s automotive electronics focus for the past [...]...

  • Conversation Central

    Conversation Central

    The Voices of DAC—Is verification devouring you?
    Published. June 16, 2011

    Guests: John Blyler, Editor in chief of Chip Design and Embedded Intel magazines and the editorial director of Extension Media, Jim Miller, Corporate Vice President of Design Engineering, AMD, David Park, Director, Solutions Marketing, Synopsys and Holly Stump, Chair, Women in Electronic Design Host: Karen Bartleson, Sr. Director, Community Marketing, Synopsys If your browser doesn’t support Flash, [...]...

  • The Moth

    The Moth

    Running C++ AMP kernels on the CPU
    Published. September 20, 2011

    One of the FAQs we receive is whether C++ AMP can be used to target the CPU. For targeting multi-core we have a technology we released with VS2010 called PPL, which has had enhancements for VS 11 – that is what you should be using! FYI, it also has a Linux implementation via Intel's TBB which conforms to the same interface. When you choose to use C++ AMP, you choose to take advantage of massively parallel hardware, through accelerators like the GPU. Having said that, you can always use the...

  • Taken For Granted

    Taken For Granted

    Software-Defined Everything
    Published. September 19, 2011

    This week I was invited to speak at an Intel-sponsored symposium at the Technion, Haifa, Israel. The theme of the symposium was “Challenges and Opportunites in System-Level Design and Verification” (see here for an outline of the symposium). I spoke on the theme “Software-Defined Everything: The impact on high-level design and validation”. There were several [...]...

  • Team ESL Blog

    Team ESL Blog

    Intel vs ARM - Did the Embedded Systems Conference India Shed Light on the Battle?
    Published. August 5, 2009

    Being a Brit, Cricket is never very far from my thoughts especially when travelling to India, the biggest cricket mad nation in the world. There is a saying in cricket that you should always think of doing what the opposition would least like, a statement that applies in business too. I was on my way to present a session on Verifying Embedded SW Power Management” at the Embedded System Conference in Bangalore. With the recent activity by Intel firstly joining forces with TSMC to deliver...

  • The Eyes Have It

    The Eyes Have It

    PCI Express Gen 3 Enters Prime Time – Opens New Markets
    Published. November 19, 2010

    Today, the final version of the PCI Express 3.0 (Generation 3) specification was released by the PCI Express Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG). With almost 1000 members and backed by companies such as Intel, HP, Oracle, AMD, Dell and Nvidia, this 8 Gb/s high speed serial interface will open new market opportunities in enterprise, data center [...]...

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