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MCP1630 High Speed, Microcontroller Adaptable Pulse Width Modulator

The MCP1630 when used with a microcontroller, the MCP1630 will control the power system duty cycle to provide output voltage or current regulation. The MCP1630 inputs are designed to be easily attached to the I/O of a microcontroller, which supplies the reference and oscillator to the MCP1630, to generate a flexible and adaptable power system. In the power control system, the microcontroller can be used to digitally adjust the output voltage or current by controlling the duty cycle, frequency of operation and the voltage reference applied to the MCP1630; thereby bringing digital control to the analog PWM function.

The fast comparator of the MCP1630 enables this device to be used as an excellent current mode controller. With a typical response time of 12 nS, the MCP1630 comparator provides a very tight limit to the maximum switch current over a wide range of input voltages. The microcontroller supplies the oscillator and reference to the MCP1630 to provide the most flexible and adaptable power system. The power system switching frequency and maximum duty cycle are set using the I/O of the microcontroller. The reference input can be external, a D/A converter output or as simple as an I/O output from the microcontroller. This enables the power system to adapt to many external signals and variables in order to optimize performance and facilitate calibration.


  • High Speed PWM Operation: 12 nS Current Sense-to-Output delay
  • Fast Rise and Fall times: 5.9 nS and 6.2 nS
  • Precise Peak Current Limit (±5%)
  • Low Operating Current:2.8 mA, typical
  • Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
  • Over-Temperature protection
  • Space Saving MSOP-8 Package
  • Extended Temperature Range (-40°C to +125°C)



  • CMOS Output Driver (Drives MOSFET Driver or Low-Side N-channel MOSFET Directly)
  • External Oscillator Input (from PIC® Microcontroller)
  • External Voltage Reference Input (for Adjustable Voltage or Current Output Application)
  • Undervoltage Lockout, Output Short Circuit Protection, Overtemperature Protection


LED Exterior Lighting, Smart Battery Chargers, Intelligent Power Systems


The device is in production. For a complete list of available products and tools, please visit www.microchip.com.

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