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Meridian CDC – Clock Domain Crossing Sign-off Verification

Meridian CDC is the fastest, highest capacity and most precise CDC solution. It performs comprehensive structural and functional analysis to ensure that signals crossing asynchronous clock domains on ICs are received reliably. It is the only solution that enables all aspects of CDC sign-off.

RTL and Netlist Support: Logic synthesis performs structural and timing optimizations, which could introduce glitches in the netlist. For sign-off, CDC verifica¬tion must be done at both RTL and the gate-level netlist. Meridian CDC offers netlistchecks for complete CDC sign-off from RTL to gate.

It is the only integrated CDC solution in the industry that combines automatic clock intent analysis and metastability aware formal analysis. Smart Reporting categorizes findings to keep users focused on important issues, and helps users pinpoint problems quickly.



  • Highest capacity to verify 100+M gate SoC designs
  • Fastest performance for quick verification turnaround
  • Most precise reporting using crossing-based analysis
  • Easiest-to-use CDC solution in the industry, template free
  • Multiple technologies for complete CDC sign-off RTL to netlist

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