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Fraunhofer IIS

Fraunhofer IIS software for multimedia applications

Compatible Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, embedded Linux, MS Mobile, Mac OS X, Symbian, Palm OS, others

Supported Autodesk Products:all ARM based processors, all MIPS based processors, Analog Devices Blackfin®, Analog Devices SHARC®, Texas Instruments TMS320C5x™, Texas Instruments TMS320C64x™, Texas Instruments TMS320C67x™, PowerPC processors, Starcore, PC platforms (Win / Mac OS X / Linux)

Fraunhofer IIS offers software implementations of MPEG audio and video codecs, virtual acoustic algorithms, state-of-the-art standards and data services for digital broadcasting, reliable Internet streaming, and security technologies:

Low bit rate Audio

  • mp3 (MPEG Layer-3)
  • MPEG-2/-4 AAC-LC
  • MPEG-4 High Efficiency AAC v2 (including SBR+PS)
  • Lossless Audio

  • HD-AAC®: Scalable Lossless Audio (MPEG-4 SLS)
  • Communication Technologies

  • MPEG-4 Low Delay AAC: algorithmic delay 20 ms, bit rate range 48 – 96 kbit/s
  • MPEG-4 Enhanced Low Delay AAC: algorithmic delay down to 15 ms, bit rate range 24 – 64 kbit/s
  • Ultra Low Delay: algorithmic delay 6 ms
  • Audio-over-IP System (with perceptual echo cancelation, error concealment, jitter buffer control)
  • Surround Audio

  • mp3 Surround™: multi-channel mp3 audio coding
  • MPEG Surround™: generic surround extension for perceptual audio codecs
  • Ensonido®: surround sound over stereo headphones
  • Semantic Audio Processing

  • SX Pro®: flexible stereo to multi-channel upgrade solution
  • mp3 SX: upgrades stereo mp3 to mp3 Surround
  • MPEG Spatial Audio Object Coding: efficient storage
  • and transport of audio objects (coming soon)


  • MPEG-4 Part 2 Video (Simple/Advanced Simple Profiles)
  • MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) Video
  • Digital Broadcasting

  • Fraunhofer DRM ContentServer™
  • DAB/ DMB ContentServer™
  • MPEG Layer-2
  • DAB+
  • DAB Surround®
  • Journaline: “teletext for radio”
  • Multimedia Streaming, IPTV
  • DVB-H
  • Multimedia Security

  • Digital Rights Management (OMA)
  • Watermarking
  • High Efficient Conditional Access (HECA)


  • Fraunhofer IIS is the leading international research laboratory in the area of high-quality low bit rate audio coding
  • Audio codecs from Fraunhofer IIS feature highest
    quality with minimum processing power and memory requirements
  • Reference software can be obtained directly from the inventors
  • Available as source code or object code libraries
  • Fixed point and floating point solutions


  • Fully MPEG compliant and quality tested
  • Library structure for easy integration
  • Available and directly compilable for all relevant platforms
  • Various compiler tool sets supported
  • Fully MPEG compliant and quality tested
  • Library structure for easy integration

Contact Information

Fraunhofer IIS

Am Wolfsmantel 33
Erlangen, Bavaria, 91058

tele: 49.9131.776.0
fax: 49.9131.776.6099

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