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  • Kontron announces next-generation digital signage kit to help streamline development and deployment of intelligent signage systems

    Streamline intelligent digital signage development with the DSEK-12 evaluation kit from Kontron. The next-generation DSEK-12 is a powerful resource for retail, transportation and medical companies that are looking to implement digital signage as an influential new vehicle to interact with customers and gain valuable consumer information in real time. Download the DSEK-12 whitepaper to learn how designers can easily use this advanced, cost-effective, pre-validated and future-proof solution that features the latest display and graphics technologies.

  • Improved Graphics Performance Changes the Cost Equation in Digital Signage

    The quality and flexibility of digital signage is a function of the graphics processing capability of the media players that drive the displays. To deliver a high level of graphics performance, media players tend to incorporate discrete graphics processing units, although some players use the graphics engine on the CPU platform. Discover how 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors provide retailers improved graphics performance and anonymous video analytics to deliver audience messaging at lower cost and watt.

  • The PSP Model in RF CMOS Design

    This white paper explains the technology behind Penn State Philips (PSP) transistor models and how they relate to actual device behavior.

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