Avnet Kintex-7 FPGA DSP Kit with High-Speed Analog

The Kintex™-7 FPGA DSP Kit with high-speed analog brings digital and analog hardware, development tools, high-level design methodologies, IP, and verified reference designs together into a development platform that accelerates development of DSP applications for experienced users and simplifies the adoption of FPGAs for DSP for new users. By combining all the elements of a total solution, users can focus on the unique value of a design at the beginning of the design process.

Standard with every kit, the Kintex-7 FPGA DSP Targeted Reference Design includes a DSP datapath connected to a high-speed analog interface in a loop back configuration. Xilinx DSP IP is used to create digital filters used for digital up / down conversion to the interface. The design is tuned for maximum performance from the Kintex-7 FPGA programmable logic and the analog interface. Key features of the Kintex-7 FPGA DSP Targeted Reference Design include:

  • Xilinx FIR Compiler
  • Mux isolation of both the analog and digital logic for debug
  • Selectable sine wave or impulse pattern generation
  • Dynamic updates to the data converter configuration registers from the FPGA using ChipScope™ VIO AXI4 Streaming interface


  • KC705 XC7K325T-2FFG900C Evaluation Board
  • 4DSP FMC150 Dual 14-bit 250 Msps A/D, Dual 16-bit 800Msps D/A
  • Full seat ISE® Design Suite: System Edition
    • Device locked to the Kintex-7 XC7K325T FPGA
  • Reference Designs, Example Designs, and Demos
  • Board Design Files
  • Documentation including Step-by-Step Getting Started Guide
  • Cables & Power Supply



Available now at www.xilinx.com/products/boards-and-kits

Contact Information


2100 Logic Drive
San Jose, CA, 95124

tele: 408-559-7778

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