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D.Module2 High-Performance DSP Processor and I/O Boards

Supported TI Processors: DM64x, C674x Low Power DSP, C67x DSP, C66x DSPs, C665x Multicore DSPs

The D.Module2 family of DSP and I/O boards make up a highly integrated and scalable stand-alone signal processing platform. With a small form factor, modular design, and stacking capability, these boards are ideally suited as the heart of your industrial control, material inspection, imaging, or test & measurement application.

Versatile communication and expansion interfaces ease system integration. Built-in tools for in-field updates of programs, parameters, and reconfiguration address the needs of maintenance-friendly installations. The D.Module2.BIOS is a system-resident set of functions which encapsulates hardware dependencies, handles initialization and configuration, and provides a consistent programming interface throughout the entire board family. This concept assures long-term availability and compatibility.

The D.Module2 family features various DSP boards (DM642, C6747, and – coming soon – C6657). Common to all DSP boards are processor, power supply, DRAM and non-volatile memories, USB, Ethernet, RS232/485, GPIO, synchronous serial ports, and a parallel external bus interface. Processor and board-specific peripherals are brought out on a separate expansion connector. These DSP boards are accompanied by data acquisition peripherals, an FPGA board (Xilinx Spartan 6), and base boards for prototyping and evaluation.


  • Stackable small-sized boards (87x59mm), industry-standard IEEE1386 high density connectors, 3.3V single supply, 3.3V IO
  • On-board memory expansion: DRAM and non-volatile Flash Memory
  • Communication Interfaces: USB, Ethernet, UART (RS232/RS485), SPI, I2C, GPIO
  • External Parallel Bus Interface and Synchronous Serial Ports to connect data acquisition peripherals and/or FPGAs
  • D.Module2.BIOS system-resident programming support functions, Utilities for in-field updates via USB and UART


  • D.Module2.DM642: high performance fixed-point DSP board, 5760 MIPS peak. Three Video Capture/Display Ports with FIFO’s. Applications: Ultrasonics, Surveillance, Video, Biometrics, Machine Vision.


  • D.Module2.C6747: floating-point DSP, 1800 MFLOPS peak. Interfaces: PWM, Capture/Compare, Quadrature Encoder, Memory Card, Real-Time Clock, USB Host. Applications: Industrial Control and Automation.
  • D.Module2.C6657: ultra-high performance 2-core DSP, 1.25GHz. UPP Interface for high-speed ADC/DACs. PCIe, SRIO, Gigabit-Ethernet. Applications: Material Inspection, Machine Vision, Medical Imaging.
  • D.Module2.ADDA500K16: six analog inputs, two analog outputs, 16 bit resolution, 500KHz sampling, calibration. ADC8556 and DAC8822 converters.
  • D.Module2.6SLX45T: Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA daughter card for high-speed data acquisition and preprocessing. I/O compatible with FMC standard, FMC base board available.


D.Module2.C6657: end 2012, all others in full production.


Audio, Broadband, Communications & Telecom, Industrial, Medical, Security, Video, Wireless


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