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micro-line TMS320C641x-based Integer DSP/FPGA Boards

Supported TI Processors: C6410/12/13/18

The micro-line series of embedded DSP/FPGA boards provides embedded systems developers with a tightly integrated suite of programmable DSP, FPGA and I/O resources in small, stand-alone-capable board formats.

micro-line C6412Compact and C641xCPU DSP/FPGA boards target high-performance integer DSP applications using Texas Instruments TMS320C6410/6412/6413/6418 DSPs.

The C6412Compact combines Texas Instruments’ powerful 720-MHz TMS320C6412 DSP, up to 128-MB SDRAM, 8- or 32-MB boot program ROM and a high-density 1-MGate or 4-MGate Xilinx® Spartan®-3 FPGA. The optionally programmable FPGA greatly expands processing and interfacing options. Two independent 400-Mbps 1394a FireWire interfaces are included, enabling simultaneous high-bandwidth video-in/out for completely integrated video processing. A 64-bit bus connects the DSP, FPGA, SDRAM and FireWire resources. On-board USB 2.0 and 10/100BaseTx Ethernet interfaces round off the impressive array of features.

The C641xCPU family of boards features a smaller (98-mm x 67-mm footprint) and leaner configuration, with up to 64-MB SDRAM, 8-MB boot program ROM, and a high-density 500-KGate, 1-MGate, or 1.6-MGate Spartan-3E FPGA.

Analog I/O daughtercards can also be combined with these boards:

  • ORS-112 (16-bit A/D/A)
    • 4-ch A/D 2.5 MSPS; 4-ch D/A 625 KSPS
  • ORS-114 (14-bit A/D/A)
    • 2-ch A/D 65 MSPS; 2-ch D/A 125 MSPS
  • ORS-116 (16-bit A/D/A)
    • 12-ch A/D 250 KSPS; 12-ch D/A 100 KSPS


  • Small form factor, embeddable DSP/FPGA boards for OEM applications
  • Suitable for product development and volume production
  • User-programmable DSP, optionally programmable FPGA
  • Extensive connectivity options via DSP, FPGA, FireWire, USB, Ethernet, RS-232
  • Optional A/D/A



  • C6412Compact
    • 720-MHz TI TMS320C6412-based integer DSP board
    • 1-MGate or 4-MGate Spartan-3 FPGA
    • Up to 128-MB SDRAM; up to 32-MB boot program ROM
    • Two independent IEEE1394a FireWire interfaces for streaming data in/out simultaneously
    • 10/100BaseTx Ethernet, USB 2.0 and RS-232 interfaces; 16-/32-bit host port interface


In production since 2006


Audio, Automotive, Broadband, Communications & Telecom, Industrial, Medical, Military, Security, Video and Imaging, Wireless


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Traquair Data Systems, Inc.

114 Sheldon Road
Ithaca, NY, 14850

tele: 607.266.6000
fax: 607.266.8221

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