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micro-line TMS320C6713 DSP-based Floating-Point DSP/FPGA Boards

Supported TI Processors: C67x DSPs

The micro-line series of embedded DSP/FPGA boards provides embedded systems developers with a tightly integrated suite of programmable DSP, FPGA and I/O resources in small, stand-alone capable board formats.

micro-line C6713Compact and C6713CPU DSP/FPGA boards target high-performance floating-point DSP applications using the powerful Texas Instruments TMS320C6713 DSP.

The C6713Compact incorporates up to 128-MB SDRAM, 8-MB boot program ROM and an on-board, high-density Xilinx® Spartan®-6 LX or Virtex-II FPGA (optionally programmable). The FPGA greatly expands processing and hardware interfacing options. An on-board 400-Mbps IEEE 1394a FireWire interface allows for communications with other embedded DSP resources, cameras, sensors and PCs. Software APIs are available to utilize the FireWire interface for general purposes, video frame capture from cameras, and data storage to hard drives and CompactFlash memory.

The C6713CPU offers a smaller (98-mm x 67-mm footprint) and leaner configuration, with up to 64-MB SDRAM, 2-MB boot program ROM and a high-density 400-kGate or 1-MGate Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA.

Analog I/O daughtercards can also be combined with these boards:

  • ORS-112 (16-bit A/D/A)
    • 4-ch A/D 2.5 MSPS; 4-ch D/A 625 KSPS
  • ORS-114 (14-bit A/D/A)
    • 2-ch A/D 65 MSPS; 2-ch D/A 125 MSPS
  • ORS-116 (16-bit A/D/A)
    • 12-ch A/D 250 KSPS; 12-ch D/A 100 KSPS


  • Small form factor, embeddable DSP/FPGA boards for OEM applications
  • Suitable for product development and volume production
  • User-programmable DSP, optionally programmable FPGA
  • Extensive connectivity options via DSP, FPGA, FireWire, RS-232
  • Optional A/D/A



  • C6713Compact
    • 300-MHz floating-point TMS320C6713 DSP
    • Spartan-6 (LX45, LX75, LX100, or LX150) or Virtex-II (250-kGate, 500kGate, or 1MGate) FPGA; up to 160 configurable digital I/O pins
    • On-board 400-Mbps IEEE1394a FireWire interface; RS-232 interface also included
    • External access to TMS320C6713 DSP I/O interfaces: 32-bit EMIF, XF0/1 pins, timer input/output pins, McASP and McBSP ports, I²C, and Host Port Interface
    • 67-mm x 120-mm footprint; ISO9001:2000 accredited production and CE certification


C6713Compact with Spartan-6 LX FPGA: 2012; others in production since 2003


Audio, Automotive, Broadband, Communications & Telecom, Industrial, Medical, Military, Security, Video and Imaging, Wireless


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