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Multi-channel Data Acquisition daughtercard for the F2812/F28335 eZdsp™ Development Kit

Supported TI Processors: F28x Delfino™ floating-point MCUs, F28x Fixed-point Series

The Link Research models LR-F2812DAQ and LR-F28335DAQ daughtercards plug directly into the F2812 and F28335 eZdsp™ development kits respectively. The daughtercards feature up to 16 channels of 14-bit, simultaneous sampling A/Ds, and up to 16 channels of simultaneous updating D/As. All analog I/O channels feature a full ±10 volt I/O range. A/D sampling rates of up to 350kHz on a single channel, or 100 kHz with all channels operating are possible.

The standard version of the daughtercard includes an RS-232 interface with a maximum data rate of 921.6 kbps, eight digital I/Os, two user LEDs and a Hitachi 44780 compatible LCD display interface (F2812 version only). Also available as optional interfaces are a fiber optic serial communications interface allowing true galvanic isolation between the daughtercard and the PC, and an 802.3 compatible Ethernet interface.

The daughtercard ships with everything needed to get up and running fast, including a ±15 volt analog power pack, a 6 foot RS-232 cable, an extra set of connectors to be soldered into the eZdsp development kit, and framework software and documentation on CD.


  • Adds high precision, multi-channel data conversion capability to the F2812 or F28335 eZdsp development kit
  • Includes complete CCS projects demonstrating both DSP/BIOS™ software kernel foundation as well as non-BIOS applications
  • Optional Ethernet interface includes software demonstrating a web browser JAVA applet model for accessing development system data.
  • Achieve a maximum of 16 A/D and 16 D/A channels by stacking a second daughtercard (model LR-F2812DAQ8X8/LR-F28335DAQ8X8)
  • These daughtercards are also available bundled with a Spectrum Digital eZdsp development system



  • Analog Input Range: ±10 volts.
  • A/D Channels: Three versions having 4, 8, or 16, 14-bit converters with simultaneous sampling.
  • D/A Channels: Two versions having 8 or 16, 14-bit converters with simultaneous updating.
  • Sampling Rate: 350 kbps using one channel, 100 kbps per channel using all channels.
  • RS-232 Interface: Operates up to 921.6 kbps


In production since 2006


Power Supply Design, Power Factor Correction, Three Phase Power Inverters, Motor Control, Uninterruptible Power Supply.


Contact Information

Link Research

131 Fairview Street
Providence, RI, 02908
United States

tele: 401-270-4445
fax: 401-270-5221

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