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Adaptive Digital Echo Cancellation Library: Acoustic, Packet, Network, & Line

Supported TI Processors: DaVinci DM64x, DaVinci DM81x, DaVinci DM64x, DM646x, DM644x, DM643x, DM64x, DM814x, DM816x, OMAP35x, OMAP3525/30 SoC, C55x, C55x Dual MAC DSPs, C54x DSPs, C674x Low Power DSP, C67x DSP, C66x DSPs, C64x DSP, C62x DSP, C647x Multicore DSP, C645x Multicore DSP, C667x Multicore DSPs, C665x Multicore DSPs, AM37/AM35x ARM® Cortex™-A8, AM18x ARM9® , AM17x ARM9, Stellaris® ARM® Cortex™-M based

With a strong focus on providing optimum voice quality, Adaptive Digital developed an echo canceller unparalleled in quality and efficiency. The “carrier-grade” echo canceller carries with it the robustness that comes from the combination of careful design, relentless testing, and widespread deployment.

The G.168 Plus™ packet EC has the distinctive ability to handle round-trip delays of up to 512 msec. This ability coupled with a built-in awareness and handling of packet-loss makes G.168 Plus uniquely suitable for VoIP applications.

Adaptive Digital’s G.168 EC features, enhanced beyond ITU recommendation include tandem free operation, dynamic NLP, rapid convergence, convergence monitor, stationary signal detector, split pre and post processing, and the ability to cancels multiple reflectors.

G.168 EC Highlights

  • Superior Voice Quality
  • Rapid, deep convergence
  • Low MIPS
  • No divergence due to doubletalk
  • Matched Comfort Noise Generator
  • Tone Disabler


Adaptive Digital’s acoustic echo canceller (AEC) enables true full-duplex hands-free telephony in mobile phones, speakerphones, and hands-free intercoms.

AEC Highlights
AEC G4 – Designed for high-end speakerphones and conferencing endpoints. Supports HD Voice, integrated noise reduction and AGC, supports tail length up to 256 msec, superior double-talk performance. C6000™, ARM, and x86 platforms

AEC G2 – Designed for traditional speakerphones, with enhancements specifically designed for mobile handsets. C6000, C5000™, ARM, and x86 platforms

ec table 2


  • Superb speech quality
  • User Configurable
  • Cancels multiple independent echo tails
  • G.168 echo canceller AT&T certified as “Carrier Grade”
  • Capable of packet echo cancellation: Handles round-trip delays of up to 512 milliseconds


  • Field-hardened, deployed in 49 countries
  • ITU G.168 compliant beyond requirements
  • Available as a chip solution
  • Included in VoIP Engine


All products are available now.


Broadband, Communications & Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Military, Security, Wireless


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tele: 610-825-0182 x120
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