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Compact Low-Power Software- Enabled HD Multimedia Module

DaVinci™Video Processors: DM8107 DaVinci video SoC

Z3 Technology’s Z3-DM8107-MOD low-power, high definition multimedia encoder/decoder module is based on the Texas Instruments TMS320DM8107 DaVinci video processor. It measures only 82mm x 43mm, less area than a typical business card.

Z3 offers customized, fully integrated video encoding and decoding modules based on open-source Linux. The TMS320DM8107-based module allows for user expansion with additional audio, video and image codecs, as well as customer-specific application software. It is capable of H.264 encoding or decoding up to 1080p60.

The Z3-DM8107-MOD module supports pre-compiled, pre-loaded, ready-to-run software executables. The combination of Z3’s Z3-DM8107-MOD and pre-compiled executables enable ODM/OEMs to rapidly develop video products in application areas such as digital video recorders, network video recorders, industrial video interface displays and medical imaging.


  • OEM-ready HD multimedia module based on the low-power multimedia TMS320DM8107 DaVinci video processor technology.
  • The H.264 encoder supports full parameter control via API and leverages hardware acceleration of the TMS320DM8107 to support a full H.264 1080p60.
  • Ready-to-run software multimedia executables for encode and stream, decode from stream, encode to storage and decode from storage.
  • Z3-DM8107-MOD can support up to 4 inputs, 4 output digital video ports.
  • Module supports open-source Linux 2.6.3x. Complete Linux OS, multimedia software and SDK available for application development and system integration.



  • Compact Size: 82mm x 43mm
  • Supports H.264 HP QCIF to 1080p60
  • Supports TMS320DM8107 processors running at 720MHz ARM® Cortex™-A8 microprocessors
  • 1GB DDR3, 256MB Flash
  • Parallel and serial CMOS sensor ports


Available Today. Contact sales@z3technology.com for more details or visit us on the web at www.z3technology.com


Audio, Automotive, Broadband, Communications & Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Military, Security, Video


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