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D.SignT TCP/IP Stack for TI C2000™ MCUs, C5000™, and C6000™ DSPs

Supported TI Processors: DM64x, C55x, C67x DSP, C64x DSP, F28x Delfino™ MCU floating-point series, F28x fixed-point series

TCP/IP communications on an embedded DSP system greatly differs from Personal Computer requirements. A DSP is not required to handle hundreds of simultaneous connections as does a PC based server. On the other hand, latencies and resource consumption are much more critical to avoid compromising signal processing performance.

The D.SignT TCP/IP stack has been carefully tailored to the requirements of DSP systems. Code and data memory size are minimized, and no additional resources like DSP interrupts or timers are required. The TCP/IP protocol stack does not require an underlying real-time operating system and can be used in a linear C program. In addition the stack can run as a task in a RTOS, e.g. DSP/BIOS. The user has full control to balance the processor time for communications and signal processing. No large memory buffers are required because the zero-copy stack feature transfers data directly out of or into the application data buffers, thereby minimizing memory requirements, latencies and processor time. An overview of memory requirements for a typical configuration (including ARP, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DHCP and DNS) is given below in the Technical Specs.

To evaluate and test the D.SignT TCP/IP stack, DSK Ethernet Daughter Cards for C2000™ MCUs and, C5000™, C6000™ processors EVMs, and DSKs are available. The Quantity and OEM licenses include design-in support to integrate Ethernet communications into your custom hardware. Various Ethernet network controllers are supported.


  • does not require a real-time operating system
  • zero-copy stack minimizes data memory resource consumption
  • application has full control to balance communications and signal processing resources
  • Evaluation Hardware Platform (DSK Daughter Cards) available for C2000™ MCUs, C5000™ and C6000™ processors
  • Licensing Models: Test and Development License, Small Quantity (10) License, Medium Quantity (100) license, OEM license. License includes hardware design-in support.



  • TMS320F2812/28335 typical resource requirements: code: 27.4K bytes,
    data: 5.6K bytes + 604 bytes per socket
  • TMS320C55x typical resource requirements:
    code: 35K bytes,
    data: 8K bytes + 640 bytes per socket
  • TMS320C6000™ DSP typical resource requirements:
    code: 72K bytes,
    data: 7.2K bytes + 604 bytes per socket




Industrial, Security, Video, Wireless


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