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G.PAK bridges the gap between inflexible fixed-function chips and custom programmed solutions

Supported TI Processors: DaVinci™ DM64x, DM646x, DM644x, DM643x, DM64x, DM814x, DM816x, OMAP35x, C54x DSPs, C66x DSPs, C64x DSP, C647x Multicore DSP, C645x Multicore DSP

G.PAK™ integrates the building blocks that are required voice-over-IP and voice-over-LTE systems into a turnkey solution. G.PAK is a scalable, build time configurable voice-over-packet DSP software application that runs on the TI’s TMS320C5000™ and TMS320C6000™ families of DSPs.

G.PAK provides all of the DSP components necessary in a voice-over-packet system and provides an application interface to allow easy integration into a user’s application. It includes one or more algorithms like conferencing, vocoders, echo cancellation, tone detection, etc. G.PAK runs the entire DSP and interfaces with peripherals such as the serial port.

G.PAK is run time configurable allowing channels to be setup for individualized processing. Channel setup (identification of input and output ports, vocoders, and voice algorithms), conference setup, and teardown operations are performed at run time. G.PAK DSPs interface to a host control processor.

Adaptive Digital’s G.PAK DSP software solutions address the need for high-density, VoIP, and traditional telecommunications applications. Adaptive Digital provides pre-built G.PAK software images for telephony applications such as VoIP gateway, conferencing, and transcoding. These solutions include host API software to simplify the process of integrating a host processor with the DSP applications. G.PAK can easily be customized to include only the necessary algorithms, channel configurations, and interfaces of a particular application’s requirements. If G.PAK’s built-in flexibility is not enough, source code can be licensed.


  • G.PAK supports several channel types: TDM to Packet, PCM to TDM, Packet to Packet, TDM to Conference, Packet to Conference, and Conference Composite.
  • For those who want to customize the G.PAK software beyond the capabilities of the automated configuration utility, application source code is available, encouraged, and supported.
  • The combination of TI’s High Density DSPs with Adaptive Digital’s field-tested algorithms and G.PAK framework provide a solid foundation for the development of high-quality, differentiated telecom products.


  • G.PAK enables developers to implement high-density, multi-channel, voice-over-packet applications in the shortest possible time with maximum processing performance.
  • G.PAK is a “built” to order, voice over packet software solution. Spend your engineering resources on features that differentiate your product.
  • Adaptive Digital’s G.PAK is also interoperable with TI’s Telogy Software® on the TNETV™ VoIP system-on-chip (SOC) series.
  • A video demonstration of the G.PAK build process can be found on Adaptive Digital’s web site at


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