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GSM/EGPRS/EDGE LayerONE Physical Layer Software

Supported TI Processors: DaVinci™ DM64x, DaVinci DM81x, DaVinci DM64x, DaVinci DM37x, DaVinci DM3x, DM81x Video SoC, DM64x Video SoC, DM646x, DM644x, DM643x, DM64x, DM37x, DM3x, DM814x, DM816x, OMAP35x, OMAP3525/30 SoC, TMS320DM37x SoC, TMS320DM3x Video SoC, OMAPL1x, C6A816x, C6A814x, C55x, C55x Dual MAC DSPs, C54x™ DSPs, C674x Low Power DSP, C67x DSP, C66x DSPs, C64x DSP, C62x DSP, C647x Multicore DSP, C645x Multicore DSP, C66x Multicore DSPs, C647x Multicore DSP, C645x Multicore DSP, C667x Multicore DSPs, C665x Multicore DSPs, AM389x/AM35x/AM37x ARM® Cortex™-A8, AM18x ARM9, AM17x ARM9

DelCom’s GSM LayerONE is a turnkey 2.75G physical layer solution based on software-defined radio (SDR). Designed with ease of integration in mind, the software framework allows for rapid product development without the need for expertise in the intricacies of modulation, channel coding, interleaving, and physical channel multiplexing. Clean and concise Layer 2, Layer 3, and base-band interfaces and extensive logging capabilities make integration a snap. Available for a variety of processors including some of TI’s OMAP™ processors, DaVinci™ video processors, TCI, Faraday, and TMS320C6000™, and TMS320C5000™ DSPs. DelCom’s LayerONE physical layer framework offers the scalability and flexibility only a software solution can provide.


  • Portable to almost any commercially available DSP, general-purpose processor, or proprietary core with customizable interfaces to drop into your existing design or network stack.
  • Perfect for femtocell and picocell applications as well as standard BTS designs.
  • Ideal for use in specialty applications such as point-of-sale devices, test and measurement equipment, proprietary modems, network load monitors, IMSI/IMEI catchers, and lawful call interceptors (SIGINT).
  • Extensive built-in test functionality and L3, L2, and base-band logging capabilities simplify integration and hardware qualification.
  • Flexible terms including full source code licenses are available to qualified customers. All core library modules for both MS and BTS devices including the GMSK and 8PSK (EDGE) equalizers are also available for license individually.



  • Circuit-switched traffic modes include TCH/FS, TCH/EFS, TCH/AFS, TCH/WFS, TCH/HS, TCH/AHS, TCH/F14.4, TCH/F9.6, TCH/F4.8, and TCH/F2.4.
  • Packet-switched traffic modes include GPRS CS-1 through 4 and EDGE/EGPRS MCS-1 through 9.
  • Automatic system information message scheduling and transmission.
  • A5/1, A5/2, and A5/3 ciphering support.
  • Includes support for detection of neighboring cells for femtocell and custom applications.


Available now.


Broadband, Communications & Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Military, Security, Wireless


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