Sundance DSP Inc.

Hand-coded, Optimized DSP/Vector, LINPACK, EISPACK, and CBLAS Libraries

Supported TI Processors: DaVinci™ DM64x, DaVinci DM81x, DaVinci DM64x, DaVinci DM37x, DaVinci DM3x, DM81x Video SoC, DM64x Video SoC, DM646x, DM644x, DM643x, DM64x, DM37x, DM3x, DM814x, DM816x, OMAP35x, OMAP3525/30 SoC, TMS320DM37x SoC, TMS320DM3x Video SoC, OMAPL1x, C67x DSP, C66x, C64x, C62x DSP, C647x Multicore, C645x Multicore, C667x Multicore, C665x Multicore, AM35x/AM37x ARM® Cortex™-A8, AM18x ARM9, AM17x ARM9

GDD0300 library functions perform operations like FFT, Fast Hartley Transform, Discrete Cosine Transform, FIR/IIR filters, vector operations, complex-number arithmetic, and more.

GDD7000 LINPACK library solves systems of simultaneous equations for many applications like radar and Telecom. It can handle a wide variety of matrices including triangular, band, Hermitian and Toeplitz.

GDD8000 ECC EISPACK library functions solve linear algebraic eigen systems with various matrices, real or complex, general, band, symmetric or Hermitian. Several types of matrix decompositions like SVD or QR are performed.

The GDD9000 CBLAS 123 functions perform operations on IEEE-754 SP and DP floating-point numbers. It uses native FP arithmetic on the C67x and simulation for TMS320C6000™ DSPs. It can processes real & complex data vectors and matrices.



  • All libraries are algorithmically optimized and some are even hand-coded
  • Functions within GDD libraries are interruptible and give additional control to time-critical applications
  • GDD Libraries help reduce application time to market


Contact Information

Sundance DSP Inc.

4790 Caughlin Pkwy
Reno, NV, 89509

tele: 775.827.3103

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