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IP phone/intercom/ATA for OMAP3530, OMAP3730, DM814X, DM816X, and Stellaris® devices.

Supported TI Processors: DaVinci™ DM81x processor, DM81x Video SoC, DM814x, DM816x, OMAP35x, OMAP3525/30 SoC, Stellaris® ARM® Cortex™-M based MCUs: 3000 Series

Adaptive Digital simplifies software design of an IP Phone, IP Intercom or ATA. We provide the software that runs on the DSP consisting of a fully functioning and complete SIP solution with RTP, UDP/IP, G711, G.729AB, tone handling, and echo cancellation. Additionally we offer what we call ISS (Intercom Server System), which is a software component that runs on the ARM under Linux. The ISS deals with the DSP interface and control, and RTP streaming over UDP/IP. The ISS also provides an interface to your ARM-based application.

Adaptive Digital’s ISS software subsystem simplifies software design of an IP intercom or IP phone that runs on TI’s OMAP3530 and DM814x/DM816x devices. ISS implements complete VoIP capability all the way from PCM to Packet and back. This includes a process running on the ARM under Linux as well as the necessary voice-processing running on the DSP core.

Adaptive Digital’s ATA solution is a software and hardware reference design that provides equipment manufacturers a fast path to market for a low-cost ATA. The application runs completely within the Stellaris® MCU’s internal flash memory and RAM. A Silicon Labs ProSLIC™ provides the FXS line interface and a Codec as well as POTS protection circuitry that typically requires additional circuitry. Stellaris MCU-based ATA and IP Phone software solutions share a similar base set of protocols and algorithms while separately addressing the features that are unique to these two solutions.


  • Stellaris MCU-based IP Phone, IP Intercom, and ATA ATA – Highly integrated, low chip count. Supports single or dual port, call control and management.
  • ATA Software includes: Line EC, G.711 with PLC, G.729AB, SIP, RTP Packetization, Caller ID, Tone Det/Gen, and Configurable Jitter Buffer.
  • OMAP™ processor, DM814x, and DM816x based-IP Phone, and IP Intercom
  • The VoIP software includes Adaptive Digital’s Gen-4 Acoustic Echo cancellation, which incorporates a noise reduction feature, as well as anti-howling, nonlinear processing, and double-talk detection.


  • VOICE PROCESSING FUNTIONS INCLUDE: Digital Gain Control, Noise Reduction, Vad/CNG, RTP & Jitter Buffer, AGC, G.711 u-Law, G.711 A-Law, and G.729AB.
  • The combination of TI’s ARM® and DSP processors and Adaptive Digital’s superior algorithms and G.PAK framework, provide a solid foundation for the development of differentiated next-gen telecom products.
  • Adaptive Digital’s VoIP Intercom ISS enables equipment manufacturers to develop products quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Our engineering team has over thirty years’ experience in practical and theoretical aspects of DSP Software, and Communications.
  • Should modifications be necessary for your project, customization is available.


Broadband, Communications & Telecom, Medical, Military, Security, Wireless


Contact Information

Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc.

525 Plymouth Road
Suite 316
Plymouth Meeting, PA, 19462

tele: 610-825-0182 x120
toll-free: 1-800-340-2066

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