CollabNet® Desktop: Subversion Integration and Application Lifecycle Extensions for Eclipse™

Compatible With Eclipse Versions and Software Platforms:Eclipse 3.2.x or Higher

During the course of a day, developers do more than write code. They read and update bugs, update design documents, reply to forums, run builds, conduct tests, and even update wikis. To top it off, they are likely working on multiple projects at once.

CollabNet Desktop-Eclipse Edition (CDEE) lets developers code, collaborate, and update all from one place – their Eclipse IDE. The CDEE plugin provides access to CollabNet products designed to support developers at every stage of their project:

    CollabNet Subversion: CollabNet is the founder and primary sponsor of the Subversion® open source project. CDEE brings the latest in Subversion functionality, including merge tracking and interactive conflict resolution to your Eclipse environment.

    CollabNet SourceForge Enterprise: Using this application lifecycle tool, team members can securely access and manage source code repositories, issues, releases, documents, discussion forums, wikis, reports, and other artifacts related to their projects.

    CollabNet CUBiT: Developers can manage their own reusable build and test configurations as profiles. They can allocate physical and virtual servers on-demand in a private corporate data center or public cloud, like Amazon EC2.

With CollabNet Desktop-Eclipse Edition, you can access one or all of these CollabNet products without leaving Eclipse – saving the time and hassle of working with multiple tools.


  • Unified environment for development tasks and project management
    • Save time and frustration with auto-configuration of repositories
    • Automatic project updates ensure that you always see the latest information
  • Predefined and custom queries
    • Choose from a long list of predefined queries to get started quickly
    • Create custom queries to track items of interest
    • Results auto-refresh to show most current data
  • Graphical merge client for source code version control
    • Merge changes between branches and resolve conflicts interactively
    • Leverage the merge tracking features of CollabNet Subversion
  • Access to build and test services
    • Create a profile to allocate build and test servers from a cloud
    • Launch a build or test scenario directly from your IDE


  • Eclipse 3.2.x or higher
  • Any Eclipse-supported operating system
  • Java™ 1.5 or higher JVM


Available for download or Eclipse update from http:// See a recorded demo here:


CollabNet Desktop-Eclipse Edition and CollabNet Subversion are available at no charge. Get started with CollabNet SourceForge Enterprise for as little as $4,995 per year (up to 25 users) and CollabNet CUBiT for as low as $1,000 per node.

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