Compatible With Eclipse Versions and Software Platforms:Eclipse 3.1 – 3.4

Compatible Hardware Platforms: x86/Windows, Sparc/Solaris, x86/Linux, x86-64bit/Linux

GNATbench for Eclipse brings the advantages of AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Ada toolset to Eclipse, the industryleading technology supporting all three versions of the Ada language: Ada 2005, Ada 95, and Ada 83.

Both native and cross-development are equally well supported for all three language versions, so a single IDE can be used for both contexts. All new tools are tightly integrated within the Eclipse framework and have the Eclipse look and feel, including a means for invoking user-defined builder commands.


  • Provides sophisticated language-sensitive editing, including “Content Assist”, “Quick Fix”, and extensive code formatting, as well as the customary syntax coloring, block folding, etc.
  • Provides semantics-driven code browsing & navigation, call graphs, and reference searching. With the editor, visit language-defined entities by treating occurrences as hyperlinks.
  • Builder extensions use GNAT’s Ada-specific incremental builder and are integrated with the Problems view and the editor. Both native and cross compilers for all three versions of Ada are supported.
  • User-defined and predefined builder “scenarios” are supported, in which compilation switches applied (and even source files involved) vary. This supports various release scenarios.
  • Uses GNAT project files to define the source files and switches to be applied. As such, GNATbench projects are interoperable with AdaCore’s GNAT Programming Studio (GPS).


  • Eclipse 3.1-3.4
  • Now supports Wind River Systems Workbench 2.5-3.0


Available today


GNATbench is included in GNAT Pro subscriptions.


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