ILOG JViews Graph Layout for Eclipse

Compatible With Eclipse Versions and Software Platforms: Eclipse 3.4 (or later) and J2SE 5 (or later)

Compatible Hardware Platforms: Platforms supporting J2SE 5 and later. Check with vendor for most up-to-date compatibility.

JViews Graph Layout for Eclipse: The Eclipse environment includes a rich set of services for data modeling, such as the generic EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework), and GMF (Graph Modeling Framework), which is used to representing “graphs” of node-link data.

Some application types require an additional service, which Eclipse does not include: smart “graph layout” algorithms that automatically arrange the nodes, links, and labels in the graph, to provide a more aesthetic and readable display.

ILOG Graph Layout for Eclipse delivers these automatic graph layout services for both the Rich Client Platform and plug-in development.

The product is ideal for:

  • Diagram-based modeling: Business Process Management modelers, SOA choreography, UML class diagram editors, electrical circuit editors, etc.
  • Visualization of complext diagram data: telecommunication networks, web site maps, organization charts, semantic networks, metabolism pathways, etc.

JViews Diagrammer, JViews Charts, JViews Gantt, JViews Maps, JViews Maps for Defense, and JViews Telecom Graphic Objects: All of the other ILOG JViews components—featuring diagrams, dashboards, charts, schedule displays, maps, and telecom network and equipment management displays–have been integrated with Eclipse, and run seamlessly alongside an SWTbased Eclipse application. Eclipse developers can take full advantage of the customizability and scalability of the ILOG JViews displays and easily embed them into an RCP application.


  • Native integration with the Eclipse platform and key Eclipse framework, enabling developers to work more efficiently within the Eclipse IDE; Direct integration with the Graph Modeling Framework.
  • A full range of advanced Graph Layout algorithms, including tree, hierarchical, uniform-length edges, bus, circular, and grid node layout; label layout; and several variations of link routing.
  • Scalability and flexibility, with the ability to nicely arrange thousands of objects.
  • A pre-built editing tool based on GMF is included, and can be used as a generic starting point for all diagram editing tools, sucha s a business process modeler.
  • Non-intrusive design allows developers to create their Eclipse application first and add the graph layout capability afterwards.


New releases now shipping.


ILOG JViews family of products are available under a variety of licensing options, all of which will ensure that you purchase exactly what your project requires. We encourage you to check with your local account representative for exact product prices.


Automotive, Computer Services, Consumer Packaged Goods / Wholesale Distribution & Service / Retail, Education, Financial / Banking, Government, Healthcare, Industrial, Insurance, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Pro fessional Services, Telecommunications, Travel & Transportation, Utility & Energy Services

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