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Compatible With Eclipse Versions and Software Platforms: Ingres Database is a cross-platform solution that is supported on a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, Max OS/X, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and OpenVMX and is compatible with all Eclipse versions.

Compatible Hardware Platforms: Ingres Database is supported on a variety of hardware platforms including all x86 compatibles, RISC, Power, Alpha

Ingres Database is the open source database management system that can reduce IT costs and time to value while providing the strength and features expected from an enterprise class database. Ingres Database is a leader in supporting mission-critical applications and helping manage the most demanding enterprise applications of Fortune 500 companies. Focused on reliability, security, scalability, and ease of use, Ingres contains features demanded by the enterprise while providing the flexibility of open source. Core Ingres technology forms the foundation, not only of Ingres Database, but numerous other industry-leading RDBMS systems as well. Ingres continues to drive both technological and business innovation providing the enterprise features you need with the open source model you want.


  • Security features for Sarbanes Oxley / HIPPA Compliance: Ingres supports roles, role separation, and Kerberos authentication to meet the demands for increased data protection. Ingres also provides the robust auditing features many current regulations require to protect your sensitive data.
  • Scalability: Large tables can be divided into partitions, based on range, a list of values or a hash value to improve performance. The table appears as a single entity to users, but access is improved by eliminating partitions for data retrieval. Ingres supports multiple levels of sub-partitions to give you the ability to design tables to match your usage requirements. Ingres Database also helps manage growing amounts of data in a cost-effective manner using a variety of compression algorithms.
  • High Availability: Information in Ingres can be centrally located or distributed across geographically dispersed servers using sophisticated multi-master replication to provide high availability failover sites or workload distribution. Ingres can also run on clusters of servers, providing transparent high availability and as well as scalability benefits.
  • Best Support in the Industry: Ingres’s support organization offers 24×7 follow-the-sun support with one of the highest satisfaction ratings in the industry. In addition, Ingres supports our products for an unprecedented 15 years to help minimize disruption ensure stability and security of your environment.
  • Flexible Backup and Recovery: Data integrity is provided by transaction journaling and the ability to back up data online or offline. Recovery can be complete to a specific point in time for the entire database, or for a more confined set of data.


  • Minimal requirements are 256MB of RAM and 120MB of disk space.


Ingres Database is available for download from http://


The community version of Ingres is free, but customers may choose to purchase an enterprise support agreement which is priced at $8k per CPU (where a CPU equates to a socket)


Automotive, Computer Services, Consumer Packaged Goods / Wholesale Distribution & Service / Retail, Education, Financial / Banking, Government, Healthcare, Industrial, Insurance, Media & Entertainment, Professional Services, Telecommunications, Travel & Transportation, Utility & Energy Services

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500 Arguello Ave
Redwood City, California, 94063

tele: +1 (888) 4INGRES

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