JetBrains TeamCity

Cross-Platform tool

An innovative build management and continuous integration solution, JetBrains TeamCity allows development teams to efficiently automate software building process and monitor all its aspects. In doing so, the product promotes and facilitates teamwork, improves productivity, and helps improve code quality.

Quick and easy setup, intuitive Web-interface, integration with the most popular IDEs and version control systems – all this saves your efforts and minimizes time to adopt.

Build grid management helps TeamCity make sure all available computing power is utilized in order to build and test your projects as soon as possible, which considerably reduces feedback delays.

The workflow of software development teams is never interrupted thanks to multiple collaboration features, such as pre-tested commit, which helps keep the code base free of errors at all times.

Code quality analysis, search for code duplicates, code coverage review – all have integrated support in TeamCity, allowing you to perform these time- and resource-consuming operations on server – and not on your developers’ workstations – thus saving your team’s valuable time.

TeamCity boasts many ways to monitor the health of your company’s projects and the status of integrating code changes. Not only can you select from a wide choice of communication tools to stay up-to-date with the recent events, but you can also benefit from multiple notification conditions and statistics reports.


  • Automates code analyzing, compiling, and testing processes, saving time and providing instant feedback on build progress, problems and test failures, all in simple, intuitive web-interface.
  • Delivers fast and scalable Distributed Build Management by running multiple builds and tests under different configurations and platforms simultaneously.
  • Allows developers run builds and perform time-costly unit tests and other checks remotely on server, prior to commit (Pre-tested Commit), helping your team sustain an uninterrupted workflow.
  • Provides advanced Project Management tools including instant reporting on project health via various notifications (RSS feeds, IDEs, e-mail, and more), as well as statistical reports.
  • Encourages for improvements by providing an Extensible Framework allowing for any kind of user modifications, from integration with other version control and build tools, to specific Web UI elements.


Downloadable from JetBrains website


Free Professional Server License (3 Build Agents included); Enterprise Server License Price $1,999 (3 Build Agents included); Additional Build Agent License Price $299.

You can download TeamCity here:


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