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SecureF1rst CPE Gateway Solution

Compatible Architectures: ARM, MIPS, Power, x86

TeamF1’s SecureF1rst CPE Gateway Solution (CGS) is a comprehensive turnkey software package enabling the next-generation of rich, auto-provisioned residential gateways and CPE routers deployed by broadband Service Providers (SPs). A member of TeamF1’s SecureF1rst line of prepackaged solutions, SecureF1rst CGS enables OEMs/ODMs/SPs to deliver advanced home area networking devices for a seamless and secure "connected-home" experience to end-customers. Devices built around SecureF1rst CPE Gateway Solution offer end-customers zero-touch intelligent networking for heterogeneous home area network devices with an easy-to-use application and device management interface. SecureF1rst CPE Gateway Solution based devices open up the possibility of alternate revenue streams for SPs through application oriented architecture allowing installation and subscription to OSGi based applications from SPs or third parties along with automatic remote configuration and provisioning capabilities. SecureF1rst CGS offers cloud-friendliness and the flexibility of network attached storage enabled features such as media sharing/streaming/rendering and download management through an easily manageable media centric and secure residential gateway device. Unique, customized or “branded” residential gateway device graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are available for OEMs/SPs.


  • Feature-rich easy-to-use SP CPE gateway solution reduces development costs, risk, and time-to-market
  • Enables product differentiation through advanced security and end-user features such as parental control, secure access to connected storage and easy-to-use media sharing
  • Enhances user experience through zero-touch connectivity of heterogeneous home area network devices
  • Opens alternate revenue streams for SPs through the flexibility to install and use SP or third party applications (custom or OSGi) with automatic remote management capabilities through TR-069 family of protocols
  • Branding options offer a cost-effective, customized look and feel


  • Standard, field-tested software solution in a production-ready custom package, with all hardware integration, porting, testing, and validation completed by TeamF1


  • Advanced networking capabilities through IPv6, IPv6-to-IPv4 tunnel, UPnP, DLNA, etc with ironclad home area network security features including a packet filtering firewall, content filtering and wireless intrusion prevention, etc
  • Wireless networking with latest 802.11 and wireless security standards (WEP/WPA/WPA2)
  • Pre-integrated rich media applications – Media Manager, Streaming Manager, Download Manager and App Manager – manageable through web-based device management and setup/configuration wizards
  • Extensively validated on a variety of embedded OSs (including VxWorks and Linux), and CPU platforms that include ARM/Xscale, MIPS, PowerPC, and x86 processors


Consumer Premises Equipment; Home Gateway Devices; Residential WLAN AP appliances; Home/SOHO NAS; Print / File Server; Media sharing / streaming / rendering devices; Audio/Video bridge; Broadband access



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