Tag-Connect, LLC

Tag-Connect Plug-of-Nails™ In-Circuit Programming and JTAG Cables

Supported Architectures: PIC, dsPIC, MSP430, ARM, JTAG , Atmel, Altera, Xilinx, FPGA’s and CPLD’s

Tag-Connect’s Plug-of-Nails™ cables provide a simple, reliable means of connecting Debuggers, Programmers and Test Equipment to your PCB’s while lowering board costs, reducing board space and facilitating efficient production programming.

Tag-Connect uses specially designed connectors which eliminate the need for a programming header or other mating connector on every PCB. Instead, Tag-Connect uses tried and tested spring-pins to make a secure connection to a special footprint of pads and locating holes in your PCB.

The PCB footprint can take up as little board space as 0.02 square inches (about the space needed for a couple of 0805 SMT resistors).

TC2030 6-pin and TC2050 10-pin series cables are available in both “Legged” and “No-Legs” versions. The Legged versions have feet that snap into your PCB for prolonged debugging or programming operations whereas the No-Legs versions are designed for fast and efficient hand-held operations and are well suited to production programming. A 20-pin cable is due in Q2 2011.

A growing range of adapter boards and cables makes these cables compatible with most families of MCUs, FPGAs and other JTAG devices including PIC, dsPIC, MSP430, ARM, ATMEL, Freescale, Altera, Xilinx, PICCOLO as well as being great for SPI / IIC and test point access.

Tag-Connect’s TC2050-IDC has been selected as a Finalist in the Design News Best New Products of 2011 Golden Mousetrap Awards!


  • Zero Connector Cost per Board!
  • Tiny Footprint!
  • No mating connector required on your PCB!
  • High-Reliability Spring-Pins for a Secure Connection!
  • Save Cost & Space on Every Board!


  • Available in 6, 10 and soon 20-pin “Legged” & “No Legs” versions.


  • Legged version snaps to PCB for a prolonged secure connection. No-Legs version is hand-held during a quick programming operation.
  • TC20x0-IDC cables terminate in standard ribbon connectors compatible with many device programmers. TC2030–MCP cables have RJ12 modular plugs to suite Microchip IDC3 . -MINIHDMI cables connect to Altium’s USB JTAG adaptor.


Purchase now at Digikey, Mouser, MicrochipDirect, CCSinfo, Telexsus.com, TheDebugStore, and others. See website for


MCU, DSP, FPGA & CPLD device programming and debug. Test Signal and ATE Access.


Contact Information

Tag-Connect, LLC

469 Cherry Ave
San Bruno, CA, 94066

tele: 877-244-4156
fax: 877-244-4156

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