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SAMC-713 High performance Virtex-6 AMC with VITA 57.1 expansion site

Supported Xilinx FPGA/CPLDs: Virtex-6 LXT, Virtex-6 SXT

The SAMC-713 Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) is designed around Virtex-6 FPGA LXT and SXT families, combining great fabric flexibility and a colossal external memory benefiting from multiple high-pin-count, modular add-on FMC-based I/O cards.

The SAMC-713 is designed for applications requiring high performance, high bandwidth and low latency. The board takes full advantage of the Virtex-6 FPGAís power which makes the SAMC-713 perfect for reducing size, complexity and costs associated to leading-edge telecommunications, networking, data processing, industrial and medical applications. Moreover, FMC expansion site on the board offers almost unlimited I/O possibilities.

Combining Virtex-6 FPGAs LXT (up to VLX365T) or SXT (up to VSX475T) with four independent 2Gb DDRIII SDRAM memory banks and twelve high performance full-duplex GTX lines supporting Gigabit Ethernet, PCI express x1..x8 and Serial RapidIO x1..x4 The SAMC- 713 gives OEMs an effective solution for wide range of applications. Scan Engineering Telecom also provides customization, turnkey integration and support to ensure that OEMs can focus where they prefer to add their own unique value.


  • High performance AMC FPGA board with FMC expansion site
  • Combines great Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs power, colossal amount of memory and numerous interface lines
  • Cost-effective platform for xTCA-based solutions
  • For OEMs in telecom, datacom, industrial, medical, test & measurement and defence & aerospace industries


  • Virtex-6 FPGA (from LX130T/195T/240T/365T to SX315T/475T), 20000-74400 Logic Slices, 9500- 38300Kbit Block RAM, 480-2016 DSP48E1 Slices, up to 1000GMACS of processing power

  • Four independent 2Gb DDRIII SDRAM memory banks, total memory capacity 8Gb
  • 12 full-duplex lines provides Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express x1..x8 or Serial Rapid IO x1..x4 interfaces
  • VITA 57.1 (FMC) expansion site, supports air cooled commercial and conduction cooled with region 1 form-factors with or w/o front panel
  • Single Mid-Size or Single Full-Size AMC board


Available now


Aerospace/Defense, Broadcast, Data Processing and Storage, Industrial Automation, Medical Imaging, Wired Communcations, Wireless Communications, Other


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