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TRACE32-PowerTools – Category Embedded Development Tools

Supported Intel Products: Zynq-7000, Virtex-7, Kintex-7, Artix-7, Virtex-6 LXT, Virtex-6 SXT, Virtex-6 HXT, Virtex-6 CXT, Spartan-6 LX, Spartan-6 LXT Virtex-5 LX, Virtex-5 LXT, Virtex-5 SXT, Virtex-5 FXT, Virtex-5 TXT, Virtex-4 LX, Virtex-4 SX, Virtex-4 FX, Virtex-II Pro, Virtex-I

TRACE32 comprises a complete set of development and testing tools for the MicroBlaze, PowerPC PPC405, PPC440 and ARM Cortex processor IP. The modularity of TRACE32-PowerTools allows the user to extend the debugger with a trace extension and logic analyzer tools. The trace extension provides full support for program flow and data trace. In the context of FPGA systems, TRACE32-PowerTools enable the Xilinx ChipScope analyzer to access the target via the Lauterbach debug interface, in parallel with an ongoing debugging session.

It also allows to configure the FPGA via the debugger and thus obviates the need for dedicated programming cables.

TRACE32 can be connected to the PC or workstation via USB or Ethernet, allowing for high-speed data transfer. Using Ethernet, it is possible to remotely use and share TRACE32 tools in a LAN of PCs and workstations.

TRACE32-PowerTools are controlled by TRACE32- PowerView, a powerful IDE allowing HLL debugging on C or C++ level. It supports arbitrary third party compilers. TRACE32-PowerView allows unlimited software breakpoints and also supports the on-chip hardware break- and watchpoints. A fast FLASH programming utility is included. The comfortable graphical user interface is completely configurable by the user. It offers more flexibility than any other system.


  • Interface to all compilers for C/C++
  • RTOS awareness
  • FLASH programming utility
  • Cache debugging and MMU support
  • Trace extension up to 600 MHz and 4 GByte trace memory



  • Download speed up to 5 MByte/s
  • Powerful script language
  • High-speed link via Ethernet or USB
  • Universal hardware for all supported target architectures
  • Display of internal and external peripheral registers at a logical level (peripheral browser)


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Aerospace/Defense, Automotive, Broadcast, Consumer, Data Processing and Storage, Industrial Automation, Medical Imaging, Wired Communcations, Wireless Communications


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