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XDSP-55 Programmable FPGA Accelerator board

Supported Xilinx FPGA/CPLDs: Virtex-4 LX, Virtex-4 SX

The XDSP-55 FPGA accelerator board is intended for high-performance SDR or data processing applications. The board also takes full advantage of the Virtex-4 FPGAís power, which makes the XDSP-55 perfect for telecommunications, networking, industrial, defense and medical applications based on CompactPCI formfactor and supports PCI 33/66MHz 32/64bit.

The XDSP-55 design is based on combined power of two Virtex-4 FPGAs which are operating as main FPGAs while service FPGA provides management and interconnection to the backplane. Using most powerful Virtex-4 FPGAs the board provides over 300000 logic cells or up to 1024 Xtreme DSP blocks while four ZBT SRAM memory banks connected to each main FPGA provides interconnect frequency up to 200MHz.

On top of this the XDSP-55 has reference quartz oscillator provides base frequency at 200MHz and frequency range from 10 to 550MHz. The board also has full-duplex LVDS channel for integration with other boards in CompactPCI chassis and speed over 800Mbit/s in each direction.

The XDSP-55 is intended for OEMs in telecommunicatoins, data communications, industrial, defence & aerospace and medical markets.


  • CompactPCI forma-factor, supports PCI 33/66MHz 32/64bit
  • Two main FPGAs and one service FPGA from Xilinx Virtex-4 LX or SX families
  • Four ZBT SRAM memory banks for each of main FPGA with high throughput
  • Full-duplex LVDS channel, interconnection speed over 800Mbit/s in each direction
  • Commercial (0…+50C) and industrial (-40..+85C) temperature range



  • Two main FPGAs, each can be Xilinx Virtex-4 (LX40- LX160 or SX55), for each FPGA: over 152000 logic cells (LX160), up to 512 Xtreme DSP blocks (SX55), up to 5760 kbit Block RAM (SX55)
  • Four 72Mbit ZBT SRAM memory banks for each main FPGA, 72MB for total memory
  • 256Mbit of nonvolatile Flash memory for main FPGAs configurations and 8Mbit of nonvolatile Xilinx PlatformFLASH memory for Service FPGA configuration
  • Reference quartz oscillator with base frequency 200MHz, frequency range 10..550MHz and stability from 50ppm
  • CompactPCI 3U 4HP board in commercial (0..+50C) or industrial (-40..+85C) temperature range




Aerospace/Defense, Broadcast, Data Processing and Storage, Industrial Automation, Wired Communcations, Wireless Communications


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