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Compatible with Java Versions and Platforms:Unix-Like Shell with Java Programming language

The SoM-400EM is a Low Cost System on Module Internet Appliance Engine. This Module can easily be programmed to do a number of Monitor and Control applications. The SoM-400EM is Based on the 8051 code compatible Maxim/Dallas™ DS80C400 TINI® processor. The Tiny InterNet Interface (TINI®) processor is a Java programmable processor that is ideal for use in Internet appliances and Web based applications.

This 8-bit 8051 code compatible processor has an Ethernet MAC built-in along with 3 serial ports. It can directly access 16 MB of memory and has a UNIX type OS that features a complete file system. EMAC added a hardware SPI Port, a programmable oscillator and 10 general-purpose digital I/O lines to this SoM.

Using the same SODIMM form-factor (2.66″ x 1.5″) that Maxim/Dallas™ used on their reference board, EMAC then added additional higher speed memory, an Ethernet PHY, a hardware SPI port, and digital I/O lines. EMAC also wrote a custom native SPI driver to support the hardware SPI port. A special version of the board can be purchased that is backwards compatible with the Maxim/Dallas™ reference board.

The SoM-400EM is designed to plug into a carrier board that contains all the connectors and any additional I/O required for the application. A carrier board is available from EMAC that provides digital and analog I/O, keypad and LCD interface, CAN Port, MMC card, and a Dial-Up Modem. Alternatively, a semi-custom carrier board can be designed specifically for your needs.

For additional information go to: www.emacinc.com/som/som400em.htm


  • Programs in Java using Free Eclipse IDE
  • Equipped with Unix-Like OS with File System
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet with IP4/IP6 protocols
  • Provides TCP/IP, PPP, UDP, FTP, HTTP, Telnet, & more
  • 3 serial RS232/485 ports and CAN 2.0 Port




Starts at $105 for Q1


Government, Industrial, Media & Entertainment, Professional Services, Telecommunications, Utility & Energy Services , Data Acquisition & Control.

Contact Information

EMAC, inc.

2390 EMAC Way
PO Box 2042
Carbondale, IL, 62902

tele: 618.529.4525
fax: 618.457.0110

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