Crystal Reports for Eclipse

Compatible Software Platforms: Crystal Reports for Eclipse is compatible with the Europa and Callisto builds of the Eclipse SDK and requires the following drivers: EMF, GEF, Java EMF Model Runtime, and WTP. Crystal Reports for Eclipse uses Eclipse Data Tools project for data connectivity. For OS compatibility details see platform.txt in the installation.

Crystal Reports for Eclipse is a set of free plugins provided by Business Objects, the makers of Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports for Eclipse provides Eclipse developers with an embedded report designer as well as a number of development tools to assist the developer with building applications. With Crystal Reports for Eclipse developers can:

  • Easily connect to a variety of JDBC data sources
  • Quickly format data with the intuitive visual designer built for the Eclipse framework
  • Minimize the repetitive nature of embedding dynamic, formatted data into your JSP pages
  • Reduce application maintenance by separating data connectivity and presentation from core application code
  • Effortlessly export reports to standard formats such as PDF, CSV and Editable RTF

Up to 10x faster than hand-coding HTML, Crystal Reports for Eclipse is an intuitive reporting toolkit for the Java Developer. It greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of accessing, formatting and integrating data within JavaServer Pages (JSP). With the Crystal Reports for Eclipse plugin, you can create new reports, or edit existing reports, without having to leave the Eclipse environment. For development, test and small deployment needs, Crystal Reports for Eclipse Basic is ideal.

For OS details see the file platform.txt in the installation of the Eclipse plugins.


  • New Report Designer built on the Eclipse Framework – built from the ground up using Business Objects’ award winning Java Reporting Component (JRC) engine.
  • Drag & Drop Report Design — easily add report objects to your report. Adding and removing database fields causes the required SQL statement to be dynamically generated.
  • Crystal Reports Web Project- this feature enables developers to create web projects which include all of the required Crystal Reports runtime configurations.
  • JSP Page Wizard — creates custom code to do common tasks (e.g. pass in DB logon, change parameter values, change data source location, etc.) just by dragging a report onto a JSP page.
  • Deployment Assistance wizard — analyzes a report project prior to deployment to ensure that all of the required runtime libraries (e.g. database JAR files) are present.


  • Pentium III 700 Mhz, Pentium IV 2 Ghz or faster recommended
  • 256 MB of RAM, 1 GB recommended
  • 600 MB available hard disk space, 5 GB recommended


Free download at:


Crystal Reports for Eclipse Basic Edition — Free. For more information see:


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