ILOG JViews Advanced Visualization Components

The most advanced visualization components for building high-performance Java desktop and Ajax thinclient displays and interfaces. The components include both development tools and a software development kit for customizing renderings and interactions.

ILOG JViews Diagrammer: Create diagram-based editing, visualization, supervision and monitoring displays and also business or industrial dashboards. Deploy to both desktop and Ajax-enhanced thin-client browsers. Both diagrams— displays used to show the relationships between objects—and dashboards—displays for monitoring business or industrial systems—can be easily created.

ILOG JViews Charts: Build scalable, highly interactive data charts. Point and click design with complete look/ feel customization. Now offering real-time Ajax charts, multidimensional treemap displays, and complete end user customization at runtime.

ILOG JViews Gantt: Configure and integrate sophisticated planning and scheduling displays. Includes calendarbased views, critical path calculation and resource load charts. Deploy to desktop or browser.

ILOG JViews Maps: Build interactive asset management and monitoring map displays. Easily create symbols and position them on your map data, with outstanding performance, scalability, and customizability. Deploy to both desktop and Ajax-enhanced browser platforms.

ILOG JViews Maps for Defense: Create dynamic map displays for command-and-control systems with support for military map formats for air/land/sea, symbol sets, and terrain analysis. Also provides advanced 3D views.

ILOG JViews TGO (Telecom Graphic Objects): Rapidly assemble displays for element, network and service level operations support systems (OSSs). Now offering flexible, Ajax thin-client web deployment, and OSS/J Quality of Service Certification.


  • Empower end-users with the most advanced high-performance real-time displays and interfaces available.
  • Exceed application requirements with the ability to deliver complete customization in look/feel/behavior, ability to handle huge datasets with real-time integration, and ability to support unusual and complex user interactions.
  • Significantly decrease the development cycle with point-and-click graphic editors and designers, comprehensive sets of graphical objects, support for industry standards, and with open Java SDK for complete customization and fine tuning.
  • Enjoy peace-of-mind with ILOG, with more than 15 years of visualization R&D, backed by worldwide commitment and delivery of comprehensive evaluation support, technical support, training and consulting services, and award winning technology.
  • Ensure future growth and improvement for your applications with ILOG maintenance services providing a sustained upgrade path to new releases, updates, and architectural/platform/hardware evolution.


New releases now shipping.

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