JBuilder® with Application Factories

Compatible Java Versions and Platforms: Java EE 5, Java 1.4, Java 5, Windows XP, Windows Vista, MAC OS X, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The Open, Fully Supported, Eclipse-based Java IDE Now with Revolutionary Code Reuse Capabilities.

JBuilder® 2008 is the latest release of CodeGear’s enterprise-class Java™ IDE built on the Eclipse framework with support for the leading commercial and open source Java EE 5 application servers.

JBuilder 2008 is focused on the overall developer experience across the application development lifecycle, and includes support for UML modeling, GUI design, thread debugging, code coverage and quality, performance analysis and tuning, code archeology, and team development and collaboration. This release of JBuilder includes updated application server support, enhancements to TeamInsight™ and ProjectAssist™, improvements to the code coverage and performance analysis tools, and an updated version of InterBase. In addition, CodeGear has added a comprehensive set of user interface construction tools enabling developers to rapidly create Java Swing applications.

Application Factories- New!

And while these enhancements and new features are significant on their own, JBuilder 2008 has raised the bar and reinvented the Java IDE with the introduction of Application Factories. Application Factories are a new approach to software development and code reuse. This innovative development metaphor and associated collection of tools allows developers to focus more on the nature and purpose of the application, and less on the underlying platform, framework, and technologies being used.

The Application Factories functionality in JBuilder 2008 introduces an application-driven development paradigm, where the structure, evolution, and logic behind the development of the application are checked into version control along with the source code for the application itself. The Application Factory has tools to record the developer’s intent as an application is being created so that the workings of the code can be easily ascertained at a later date.

Leverage the Value of Eclipse and Open Source

Regardless of the edition you choose – Turbo, Professional, or Enterprise – the JBuilder 2008 product line builds on the common Java and Java EE development capabilities found in Eclipse 3.3 and Web Tools Platform 2.0 to meet the needs of Java developers at every level. And, because JBuilder 2008 is based on the world’s most popular open source IDE framework, you are more than likely already familiar with many of the basic features and functions available to you as a developer. In addition to the core Eclipse functionality, CodeGear also provides over one hundred third-party plug-ins and enhancements to provide a more complete user experience. As a trusted turnkey solution, JBuilder 2008 gives developers confidence to expand these capabilities by providing a one-stop shop for downloading and integrating these and other technologies into a single, managed, and supported development environment.

JBuilder 2008 Editions Turbo

Available as a free, certified Eclipse bundle, JBuilder 2008 Turbo provides the basic features and functions needed to create and deploy Java applications to today’s leading commercial and open source application servers.


JBuilder 2008 Professional adds expanded support for Java EE 5 and Web services, as well as code profiling and performance tuning tools powered by Optimizeit technology, sophisticated Swing design capabilities, and basic UML modeling features.


JBuilder 2008 Enterprise provides a complete, enterprise- class Java IDE with collaboration and team development support, full support for UML modeling and code archeology, and the newly introduced JBuilder Application Factories which delivers unprecedented developer productivity and code reuse.


  • Leverage the latest Eclipse open source framework
    The JBuilder 2008 product line builds on the common Java and Java EE development capabilities found in Eclipse 3.3 and Web Tools Platform 2.0 to meet the needs of Java developers at every level.
  • Support for Java technologies and server platforms
    JBuilder 2008 supports the latest commercial and open source Java application servers including Borland Enterprise Server, BEA WebLogic Application Server, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Containers for Java (OC4J), Apache Geronimo, Apache Tomcat, and Sun Glassfish.
  • Easily move JBuilder projects forward
    Easily import existing projects into the new JBuilder 2008 IDE. Enjoy the flexibility and costefficiencies associated with the Eclipse open source framework, and the enterprise-class functionality, reliability, and support you require.
  • Experience unparalleled productivity and code reuse
    Application Factories will certainly yield higher levels productivity during the development of an application, one of the biggest benefits may come when that application has to be modified or enhanced. This is because the metadata, which stays attached to the code when it is created, can be opened by any subsequent developer to understand the context and purpose of code snippets, methods, and classes which are part of the application.
  • Easily create sophisticated Swing-based applications
    Swing Designer in JBuilder 2008 is a comprehensive set of user interface construction tools designed to enable developers to rapidly create Java Swing applications. The visual designer, wizards, editors, and intelligent layout assistance supports Swing/AWT development including the most popular controls and layout managers. Swing Designer provides full bi-directional code generation, with the visual design and the source always in 100% synchronization.




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