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As an innovative software build management and continuous integration solution, TeamCity allows development teams to efficiently run the software building process and monitor all its aspects. In doing so, the product promotes and facilitates teamwork, improves productivity, and helps enhance code quality.

With TeamCity, you can run your builds under multiple platforms, environments and test suites getting information on build progress and tests results on the fly. The build process is monitored and managed via an intuitive web interface.

The workflow of software development teams is never interrupted thanks to multiple collaboration features, including pre-tested commit, which helps keep the code base free of errors at all times.

Various time- and resource-consuming operations such as unit testing, code quality analysis, searching for code duplicates, and code coverage review are all performed on the server – and not on your developers’ machines – thus saving your team’s valuable time.

TeamCity boasts many ways to monitor the health of your company’s projects and the status of integrating code changes. Not only can you select from a wide choice of communication tools to stay up-to-date with the recent events, but you can also benefit from multiple notification conditions and statistics reports.

Two different editions – Professional (distributed free of charge) and Enterprise – allow to effectively leverage the cost of solution ownership and adoption.


  • Implements Continuous Integration practice, allows to keep the code base up-to-date and error-free via a unique pre-tested commit feature and optimizes the process of finding and fixing errors.
  • Delivers state-of-the-art Build Management by running builds and tests under different configurations and platforms and providing just in time feedback on changes integration via multiple means.
  • Performs Unit Testing and provides code inspections, coverage and duplicates reports. Time-costly checks are performed remotely freeing up the machines and letting the team have a natural workflow.
  • Provides advanced Project Management tools including statistical reports on projects’ health and various notifications means (RSS feeds, IDEs, e-mail, System Tray), so you are always on top of things.
  • Flexible licensing policy to optimize the cost of ownership. Professional (free) edition targets small-size teams, while the Enterprise edition suits larger companies.


Downloadable from JetBrains website


Enterprise Server License Price $1,999; Free Professional Server License; Build Agent License Price $299. You can download TeamCity here:


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