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Battery Life Estimator Aids Extremely Low Power Designs

Supported Architectures: PIC® Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology’s new Battery Life Estimator takes the guess work out of designing with batteries.

Provided as a free download from the eXtreme Low Power Design Center at www.microchip.com/XLP, the XLP Battery Life Estimator is PC software which estimates the battery life in applications using PIC MCUs with XLP technology.

The tool allows users to select the target MCU and battery type, as well as input the current generated by other circuits in the application. The tool then models the active current, sleep current and the time spent in each mode to provide an estimate of battery life.


  • Easy to Use
    • Select your PIC MCU with XLP Technology
    • Select your battery type
    • Enter application Run and Sleep times
    • Select peripherals and input application currents
    • View battery life, average and maximum current estimates
  • Flexible
    • Customizable to allow new device profiles and battery specifications to be added
    • Save profiles and compare results to maximize your battery life

Visit the XLP design center at www.microchip.com/XLP for:

  • More XLP development tools
  • Low power app notes, case studies, tips & tricks and webinars
  • Complete list of XLP MCUs and datasheets
  • Videos showing XLP performance


Over 145 XLP PIC MCUs are available now. Also, the XLP 16-bit Development Board and LCD Explorer Board are available now.

Visit www.microchip.com/XLP to learn more and download the free XLP Battery Life Estimator to optimize the battery life in your next low power design.

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