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PIC24F “GA3” Family

The PIC24F “GA3” family features the industry’s lowest active current for 16-bit Flash MCUs along with flexible new low-power sleep modes. The PIC24F GA3 devices feature 150 mA/MHz active current, a new low-power sleep mode with RAM retention down to 330 nA and a dedicated VBAT pin to back up the RTCC function to minimize the power consumed and maximize battery life. As an eXtreme Low Power Microcontroller the GA3 family has typical Deep Sleep currents of 10 nA and can maintain the RTCC with only 400 nA. The PIC24F ‘GA3’ family is also the first PIC24F to include segment LCD driver providing an expansion path for 8-bit designs requiring additional performance, Flash, RAM, or pins. Six channels of general purpose DMA increase the throughput of the family by offloading much of the data transfer associated with high bandwidth peripherals. Multiple serial channels and timers round out the feature set creating a versatile low power CMU family.


  • Integrated LCD display driver provides the ability to directly drive up to 480 segments, with an eight-common-drive capability, enabling more informative and flexible displays that include descriptive icons and scrolling
  • Dedicated VBAT pin for battery backup of the on-chip Real-Time Clock Calendar
  • 6 DMA channels increase throughput by reducing CPU intervention required for high bandwidth peripherals
  • Includes 24 channels of 12-bit 200 Ksps ADC with threshold detect. Threshold detect will allow the MCU to wake from sleep when the ADC meets a specified threshold.


  • Advanced Low Power Features
    • Reduced Active Current – 150
    • A/MHz
    • Deep Sleep Currents down to 10 nA
    • Watchdog Timer down to 270 nA
    • VBAT Battery Backup and Real–Time Clock/Calendar down to 400 nA
    • Low-Power RAM Retention with 330 nA Current
  • Up to 128 KB for Flash Program Memory and 8 KB of Data Memory
  • 4 UART, 2 SPI and 2 I2C™ serial channels
  • 5 16-bit Timers, 9 IC and 9 OC
  • CTMU for mTouch Capacitive Touch sensing


  • Consumer
    • Thermostats
    • Door Locks Industrial
  • Security
    • Wired & Wireless Sensors
  • Medical
    • Blood Pressure Meter
    • Glucose Meter Metering
    • E-Meters
    • Gas/Water/Heat Meters
    • Automated Meter Reading


All variants of the PIC24FJ128GA310 family are in production. A PIC24FJ128GA310 General Purpose PIM (MA240029) and the LCD Explorer Development Board (DM240314) are also available to support development with the GA3 family.

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