• Consumerization: BYOD

    Consumerization: BYOD

    My Laptop light is gone.
    Published. December 5, 2012

    I have Dell Latitude D610, yesterday I used and shut it off properly but today when I boot it, the screen was bright for the moment but then it turned blank but power light and other lights were still on like wifi and num lock lights. I saw the screen ......

  • TI E2E Community

    TI E2E Community

    Blog Post: A Better way to Cloud – It’s here today!
    Published. December 5, 2012

    It is always exciting to be part of a new product announcement, unveiling to the public, discussing with media and analysts the new features, functions and applications that the new product enables.  As you may know, we recently announced a new family of products that are optimized for high performance, low power cloud processing.  Well it is equally delightful to see customers leveraging our devices for their new products and services.  And we are happy to announce that it is just...

  • EDA Graffiti

    EDA Graffiti

    Ultralow-power developments target next-gen wireless sensors
    Published. December 5, 2012

    Imec and Holst Centre presented an ultralow-power FSK receiver for body-area networks, a flexible SAR ADC for wireless sensor nodes, fast-start-up techniques for duty-cycled impulse radio receivers, and a design approach targeting subthreshold operation at the European Solid-State Circuits Conference....

  • Tech Deseign Forums Blog

    Tech Deseign Forums Blog

    IPSoC: Software power optimization ‘must start earlier’
    Published. December 5, 2012

    Embedded software engineers need to focus on power optimization in their code much earlier and more comprehensively than many of them do today, says Mentor Graphics technologist Colin Walls.The post IPSoC: Software power optimization ‘must start earlier’ appeared first on Tech Design Forums....

  • Technology Review Feed - Energy Top Stories

    Technology Review Feed - Energy Top Stories

    Solar Startup Silevo Scales Up, Even as Others Shut Down
    Published. December 5, 2012

    The company thinks its novel solar technology can take on competitors in China.The global solar panel industry is struggling—major manufacturers have posted continued losses this quarter, mainly due to a saturated market that’s left them unable to charge enough for their panels. But one startup, Fremont, California-based Silevo, is bucking the trend of plant closures and bankruptcies by planning to build a new factory next year....

  • Electronics Design Articles

    Electronics Design Articles

    What’s The Difference Between Bluetooth Low Energy And ANT?
    Published. December 4, 2012

    By Lou FrenzelDesigners generally opt for one of these two standards when configuring ultra-low-power wireless sensor networks....

  • GROG: Green Tech Blog

    GROG: Green Tech Blog

    Interesting Bio-fuel solutions
    Published. December 3, 2012

    Guest Post by Maria Kruk, an author for Search of new renewable energy solutions has embraced most of the countries recently. Indeed, growth of oil and gas prices and shortage of fuel deposits contributed a lot in referring to alternative power facilities, such as solar stations, wind farms and tidal power systems. However, these [...]...

  • Green Hills Software

    Green Hills Software

    Green Hills Software and Real Time Logic Partner for Web Middleware
    Published. December 3, 2012

    Complete Suite of Web Solutions Integrated with INTEGRITY RTOS...

  • Electronics Engineering Video Blog Podcast

    Electronics Engineering Video Blog Podcast

    EEVblog #393 – LiPo Battery Discharge Testing
    Published. December 3, 2012

    Getting a battery discharge curve on a Turnigy 5000mAh battery using a BK Precision 8500 Electronic Load Battery Charging Tutorial...

  • Laptops and Desktops Blog

    Laptops and Desktops Blog

    Intel chips could power future iPad versions, says research analyst
    Published. December 2, 2012

    RBC Capital Markets speculates that Intel could build ARM-based chips for future iPhones and, in return, Apple could use x86 processors in next-generation iPads....

  • EDA Blog

    EDA Blog

    Calypto to Host Webinars on High Level Synthesis and RTL Power Optimization
    Published. November 30, 2012

    Calypto Design Systems will host two webinars next month. The online seminars will educate designers on the latest in high level synthesis (HLS) and power optimization techniques for RTL-based designs. The titles of the webcasts are Minimizing RTL Power through Sequential Analysis, and A Practical Comparison Between C++ and SystemC for High Level Synthesis. Read [...]...

  • Editor's Note

    Editor's Note

    One Step At A Time
    Published. November 30, 2012

    FinFETs provide an important bridge for power and performance, but they’re not free....

  • NextGenLog


    #MEMS: "Atom 'Clover Trail' Perfect for Windows 8"
    Published. November 30, 2012

    Intel claims that its "Clover Trail" Atom processor enables tablet computers to extend their battery lifetimes even longer than that nine-hours an iPad typically gets--citing 10-to-18 hour battery lifetimes for Atom-powered tablets from Lenova, Asus and others: R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLogWindows 8 tablets powered by Intel’s Atom Z2760 processor, code named “Clover Trail” can extend battery lifetime up to three weeks in standby mode or 10 hours watching HD video. Source: IntelHere is what Intel...

  • Gabe On EDA

    Gabe On EDA

    Kilopass XPM IP Provides Non Volatile Memory in IBM 65nm LPE Process
    Published. November 29, 2012

    Kilopass Technology Inc. has announced the validation of its anti-fuse XPM (eXtra Permanent Memory) NVM IP as "Ready for IBM Technology" in the IBM 65nm 10LPe (low-power enhanced) process. Kilopass' XPM family provides up to 1Mb of storage capacity for portable device SoCs (System on Chip) that need the lower standby power consumption the IBM 65nm 10LPe process provides. Kilopass has successfully completed 1000 hours of High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) and 1000 hours of High Temperature Storage...

  • CEA Digital Dialogue

    CEA Digital Dialogue

    Tips for Environmentally-Friendly Gifts this Holiday Season
    Published. November 29, 2012

    As you do your holiday shopping this year, consider looking for the ENERGY STAR label and doing something good for the environment all year long....

  • All About Microsoft

    All About Microsoft

    Microsoft Surface Pro to have half the Surface RT's battery life
    Published. November 30, 2012

    Microsoft has shared not only Surface Pro pricing, but also expected battery-life stats for its Intel-based PC/tablets coming in January....

  • Now Hear This!

    Now Hear This!

    ARM launches Signum digital magazine
    Published. November 29, 2012

    Working with the ARM architecture? Then subscribe for free to our multiplatform digital edition, covering low-power, intelligent devices....

  • GreenTech Pastures

    GreenTech Pastures

    San Diego Zoo gets solar-powered electric vehicle chargers
    Published. November 29, 2012

    The installation will power five EV charging stations using solar energy stored in a 100-kilowatt battery, plus it will also provide shade for up to 50 cars....

  • Brian's Brain

    Brian's Brain

    The non-user-replaceable battery: a consumer electronics travesty
    Published. November 27, 2012

    iFixit rates gear they tear down based on its repairability score, and a high percentage of the hardware ends up with a disappointingly low rating. The situation doesn't need to be this way....

  • Team Verify's Blog

    Team Verify's Blog

    New Product: ARM ACE Assertion-Based Verification IP (ABVIP) Available Now
    Published. November 26, 2012

    Preface: on Tuesday December 11 we are giving a free a webinar on "ACE Assertion-Based Dynamic, Formal, and Metric-Driven Verification Techniques with ABVIP".  Register today: anyone who has worked with ARM's AMBA 4 AXITM Coherency Extensions -- a/k/a the "ACETM" protocol -- knows, there are a ton of different configuration options and operational scenarios available to the designer.  Of course, this flexibility and power presents a significant...

  • Wireless Sensor Networks Blog

    Wireless Sensor Networks Blog

    Quake sensor harvests energy from tremors
    Published. November 26, 2012

    A wireless vibration sensor being developed by a Victoria University student could provide a low-cost solution for engineers to monitor the damage of buildings affected by earthquakes – and, more impressively, harnesses the kinetic energy generated by the tremors in order to power itself. Daniel Tomicek has been working on the innovative device – designed [...]...

  • John Day

    John Day

    New battery technology
    Published. November 19, 2012

      During the Battery Show in Novi, Michigan last week the battery maker Exide announced a strategic alliance with ultracapacitor developer Maxwell Technologies. They plan to work together to develop and market integrated battery/ultracapacitor solutions for automotive and other markets. Benefits of those solutions, according to Paul Cheeseman, Exide’s VP of global engineering and research, [...]...

  • Frank Schirrmeister Blog

    Frank Schirrmeister Blog

    Optimizing ARM Based Designs for Low Power using Emulation
    Published. November 19, 2012

    The month November goes to the Brits, no question. Not only did the James Bond movie Skyfall open, but Santa Clara also experienced somewhat of a "British Invasion" for ARM TechCon in the Santa Clara convention center. To be there properly I even brought out my favorite new pin striped suit ;). With that being at the cleaners now that ARM TechCon is over, I am reflecting on what I heard. In my mind ARM TechCon's focus was all about low-power -- at all levels of abstraction. Various...


    Post SC12: some thoughts and updates
    Published. November 18, 2012

    That was our best SCxy show. Ever. Inclusive of all 17-ish years I’ve attended (getting to be something of a geezer I guess). The 60 bay JackRabbit system got lots of attention. That we are putting the Calxeda backplane and energy cards in, come January time frame, brought many people in to talk about this. [...]...

  • Fusion


    AMD Delivers on Holiday Wish Lists: From Gaming to PCs!
    Published. November 16, 2012

    With the holidays fast approaching, consumer electronics are on many gift lists. In fact, according to the Consumer Electronics Association , three in four gift-giving adults plan to buy a consumer-electronics product as a gift. From more brilliant graphics when gaming to longer battery life when on the go, AMD-powered products let people do more every day by providing superior computing experiences. Continue reading...

  • EEBeat


    More New and Notable Products at Electronica
    Published. November 15, 2012

    Spend enough time in this industry and, like Goldilocks. you develop a sense for when something is just right. So here’s a few more products displayed at Electronica that caught this reporter’s eye. AVX Corporation introduced new Schottky rectifier diodes designed for switching power supply applications. A unique lead-less packaging technology eliminates the lead frame [...]...

  • The Standards Game

    The Standards Game

    OpenStand Principle 3: Collective empowerment
    Published. November 15, 2012

    “Collective empowerment” is the third OpenStand principle. It elucidates the power and value of global standards that help people everywhere, regardless of where they live and what government they have. The OpenStand paradigm describes collective empowerment as: “Commitment by affirming standards organizations and their participants to collective empowerment by striving for standards that:   are [...]...

  • Siliconcowboy's Blog

    Siliconcowboy's Blog

    Comment on How to Rejoin a Closed or Private Facebook Group by Riffy
    Published. November 2, 2012

    i opened a group made 2 more admins,3 alltogether,when i went into my other name on fb which im admin to group i can delete the admin that opened the group,how come the other admins has that power to delete the group owner?...

  • Tawna Wilsey Blog

    Tawna Wilsey Blog

    RE: Unrealsitic Fmax simulation of IBM 90nm in cadence
    Published. July 12, 2012

    Hopefully the screenshot below will show up.   Here is equation 8.3 of Mason Unilateral Gain from Vendelin, Pavio, and Rohde’s book Microwave Circuit Design Using Linear And Nonlinear Techniques.  We don’t calculate U.   You could come up with a calculator expression for this.The closest we calculate is Gumx.Chapter 10 of the MMSIM11.1 Virtuoso® Spectre® Circuit Simulator and Accelerated Parallel Simulator RF Analysis User Guidecontains the different gains...

  • Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    Chris A. Ciufo on All Things Embedded

    “MicroFlix”…Funny name; how crazy would it be if Netflix joined the Microsoft Family?
    Published. October 29, 2012

    If Microsoft were to buy Netflix - and it's a big "if", since it's only a rumor - MSFT could join Apple, Amazon and Google in having a huge influence on the embedded industry. Continue reading →...

  • Jason Andrews Blog

    Jason Andrews Blog

    Ubuntu 12.10 on a Virtual Platform at ARM Techcon
    Published. October 25, 2012

    Next week (Oct. 30-Nov. 1) ARM TechCon 2012 is at the Santa Clara Convention Center. As always, Cadence will be at the conference and exhibit, but I would like to especially recommend one paper for people interested in embedded Linux and Virtual Platforms. The presentation is Analysis of Software-Driven Power-Management Policies Using Functional Virtual Platforms by Michele Petracca. It will be in Grand Ballroom B on Thursday at 10:30 AM.I have seen some of the material in advance and it provides...

  • Jack Erickson's Blog

    Jack Erickson's Blog

    Margins are Costly - Don't Let Them Grow Out of Control!
    Published. October 24, 2012

    Last week, Professor Jan Rabaey of the University of California at Berkeley gave a great keynote at Cadence's Low Power Technology Summit that called for changes to the conventional solutions for power reduction.One of the points he made was that today's designs are over-designed and over-constrained with additional margin. One of the reasons is variability -- which results in the creation of timing margins to ensure that process variability or environmental conditions do not cause the...

  • Anablog


    Power innovations for the Mars exploration Rover mission
    Published. October 23, 2012

    Evolving the flat, square solar panel from the Sojourner rover on the 1996 Mars Pathfinder mission into more powerful solar "wings"...

  • AnalogTalk


    Estimate MOSFET Loss in Step down Synchronous Buck Regulators
    Published. October 22, 2012

    MOSFET devices are among the highest power loss contributors in POL converters. In High step down applications, such as computers, that typically operate with high input voltage (12V – 20V) and low operating voltages (.8V – 3.3V), the high side switch has a low duty cycle and the low side switch has a high duty [...]...

  • The Eyes Have It

    The Eyes Have It

    International SoC Conference With Analog/Mixed-Signal IP Focus
    Published. October 22, 2012

    The 10th International SoC Conference will be held in Irvine, California on October 24th and 25th. for details. There will be a track on analog/mixed-signal including a presentation on design requirements for 28-nm and 20-nm analog/mixed-signal IP on the 24th. Details on: Design requirements for lower power, higher performance on 28-nm & 20-nm and shrink path expectations in terms [...]...

  • Branden Williams' Security Coverage Blog

    Branden Williams' Security Coverage Blog

    The Power of Inference
    Published. October 18, 2012

    Last week I spoke at RSA Conference about using social engineering techniques as a form of espionage—a way to “game” big data, as it were. I believe that our current estimation of what can be derived from innocuous appearing data is not only lacking, but it’s nearing the level of irresponsibility. In our talk, we [...]...

  • Adam Sherer Blog

    Adam Sherer Blog

    Your First Low-power Verification Project - Webinar
    Published. October 11, 2012

    So your team just specified its first design with power management circuits.  The designers are telling you, its just a few power shut-off domains defined by CPF or UPF.  The verification should be easy-peasy right?  Wrong.  Each domain has complete controls, isolation, and retention.  As a verification engineer, you know that any test could trigger a power change either intentionally or in error.  How do you build your environment to verify this first low-power project?Mickey...

  • Linux and Open Source

    Linux and Open Source

    Landscape mode comes to Nexus 7
    Published. October 10, 2012

    A small, but important, Android update is bring landscape mode to the popular Nexus 7 tablet, and a new version of the tablet, with a different power management chip, is on its way....

  • FPGA Blog

    FPGA Blog

    Altera Cyclone V GX FPGA Development Kit for 28nm Designs @alteracorp
    Published. October 8, 2012

    Altera recently introduced their Cyclone V GX FPGA development kit. It is based on the industry’s lowest-power, lowest-cost 28nm FPGA. Altera’s 28nm development kits increase designer productivity by offering the tools and resources necessary to get 28nm FPGAs developed and integrated into systems. The 28 nm development kits include FPGA boards, hardware and cables, and [...]...

  • Jim Trudeau << The Embedded Beat

    Jim Trudeau << The Embedded Beat

    MQX Lite is a heavy-weight hitter
    Published. October 8, 2012

    By Jim Trudeau – The buzz around the Kinetis L series microcontroller (MCU) is really exciting. It combines the low-power, low-cost and ease-of-use of 8-bit, with the energy-efficiency, feature integration and scalability of 32-bit. My colleague Erich Styger wrote about the Freescale Freedom development platform, which is enabled by Kinetis L series KL1 and KL2 MCUs families. The platform [...]...

  • Practical Chip Design

    Practical Chip Design

    Problems and solutions for clocks and clocking
    Published. September 25, 2012

    Clocks consume a significant amount of area and power and cause significant headaches for yield, power integrity and many other issues within a chip......

  • Simon Phipp's Blog

    Simon Phipp's Blog

    The software patent solution has been right here all along
    Published. September 14, 2012

    Software patents have been an agent of change in open source over the last decade, as I explained in my keynote at the 8th International Conference on Open Source Systems this week. Most notably, the astonishing proliferation of software patents has forced technology companies to spend a lot of time and energy assembling defensive more...

  • Joseph Hupcey Blog

    Joseph Hupcey Blog

    Lessons for EDA When Low Power vs. Heat Dissipation Isn’t a Fair Fight: A Case Study With the GoPro Hero2 Camera
    Published. September 12, 2012

    Right up there with functional verification, the challenges of low power design and verification present an existential threat to our customers' products, and ultimately their businesses.  Clearly both sides of the low power coin -- reducing generated heat and/or increasing efficiency to make the most of every available joule -- are of primary concern.  But what happens when external, environmental factors conspire to betray even the best low power electrical design?  In the case...

  • To USB or not to USB

    To USB or not to USB

    USB Power Deliver Profiles
    Published. September 11, 2012

      The USB Power Delivery standard will allow up to 100W of power to be delivered to or from devices.    There is an error in the first slide.  Correction is after the Jump Keep in mind that the power provided over USB is limited by the wire gauge or thickness/diameter of the cable. More [...]...

  • Team Specman Blog

    Team Specman Blog

    What Does it Take to Migrate from e to UVMe?
    Published. September 5, 2012

    So you are developing your verification environment in e, and like everyone else, you've been hearing a lot of buzz surrounding UVM (Universal Verification Methodology). Maybe you would also like to give it a try. The first question that pops in your mind is, "What would it take to migrate from e to UVM e?"Well, this is a bit of a trick question. The short answer is that if you've adopted eRM in the past, migration to UVM e will only take a few minutes. If your environment is not...

  • Absolute Power

    Absolute Power

    4G LTE vs. 3G Power Mystery Explained
    Published. August 9, 2012

      Last month we saw some interesting data in our investigation of energy efficiency of 4G LTE transmission versus 3G transmission on the new iPad. The data above suggests that in 4G LTE mode, the new iPad used roughly the same amount of energy (3.8Wh) for viewing our test movie (Star Trek, 2:06:46, 138MB) locally [...]...

  • The Java Posse

    The Java Posse

    Java Posse #391 - Newscast for August 10th 2012
    Published. August 10, 2012

    Newscast for August 10th 2012 Fully formatted shownotes can always be found at http://javaposse.comIf you are a Scala fan and in the bay area, don’t miss the Scala BASE meetup on Monday 13th at Netflix. SF scala training. Week after JavaOne (October 8th to 12th) at Exit Certified. Jellybean arrived on Nexus S Battery usage issues Get...

  • Everything USB

    Everything USB

    LaCie Porsche USB 3.0 Drives Tap into Power of UAS
    Published. August 7, 2012

  • Sandro Groganz, Open Source Marketing Consultant

    Sandro Groganz, Open Source Marketing Consultant

    Emotional Branding in Open Source
    Published. July 17, 2012

    The power of a brand lies in its ability to communicate core product attributes to consumers and evoke an emotional reaction from them. Every marketer knows that emotions can drive purchase decisions and so, a brand that is able to Continue reading →...

  • Denali Memory Blog

    Denali Memory Blog

    Cadence Video Demonstrates PCIe Gen3 IP Silicon Performance
    Published. August 6, 2012

    It is not often that an IP provider gets to showcase their IP performance in a real product demo. Those laurels usually end up going to the end product that uses the IP. But a recent Cadence video features our PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 3 core running flawlessly in silicon in a real system. We thought we would raise some eyebrows since, as of today, there are very few products in the market that utilize the full power of the PCIe Gen3 protocol, let alone those that have been designed using a commercial...

  • Robert Dwyer's Blog

    Robert Dwyer's Blog

    10 Encounter Tips and Tricks You May Not Be Aware Of
    Published. July 27, 2012

    In looking over the shoulders of Encounter users over the years I've found there's a bunch of little tips and tricks I use to make interacting with the tool a little easier that aren't necessarily immediately obvious. Here are some of the more common ones I used this week:When navigating an Encounter log file in a text editor, search forward for "<CMD>". Each time a command is executed it's embedded in the log file, for example: "<CMD> optDesign -preCTS"....

  • Ed Burnette's Dev Connection

    Ed Burnette's Dev Connection

    On the road to Google I/O 2012
    Published. June 26, 2012

    Ed wishes fervently for the invention of the matter-energy transporter. Or at least a first class ticket....

  • Joel on Software

    Joel on Software

    Software Inventory
    Published. July 10, 2012

    Imagine, for a moment, that you came upon a bread factory for the first time. At first it just looks like a jumble of incomprehensible machinery with a few people buzzing around. As your eyes adjust you start to see little piles of things that you do understand. Buckets of sesame seeds. Big vats of dough. Little balls of dough. Baked loaves of bread. Those things are inventory. Inventory tends to pile up between machines. Next to the machine where sesame seeds are applied to hamburger buns, there’s...

  • Otaku, Cedric's weblog

    Otaku, Cedric's weblog

    Solution to the “Power story” challenge
    Published. March 2, 2012

    Here is the solution to the “Power story” non coding challenge: When the power went out, Ann open the wireless settings of her laptop, scanned the area but couldn’t find a single wireless access point in the neighborhood. This is actually based on a true story (mine, yesterday). I can usually see a dozen access [...]...

  • Microchip Coupon Codes & Discounts

    Microchip Coupon Codes & Discounts

    Maximum Power Point Conversion for Solar Applications - Training Opp
    Published. January 7, 2012

    From:,1707,RID%253D0%2526CID%253D50625%2526CCD%253DUSA%2526SID%253D32214%2526DID%253DDF2%2526LID%253D32233%2526BID%253DDF2%2526CTP%253DEVS,00.html Register today to have an Avnet representative contact you to schedule this On-Ramp Technical Session. Microchip has created a solution that allows a product to get the maximum power out of a solar panel to power a remote application. The Maximum Power Point Converter (MPPC) is essentially a DC-to-DC converter. The...

  • Magic Blue Smoke

    Magic Blue Smoke

    Low Power Static Checks
    Published. August 12, 2010

    There seem to be some confusion about types of checks that need to be performed on a Low Power Design. In the Low Power static check world, following 3 types of analysis can be done on a design, in addition to various other checks. (a) Critique Check     Power State Table is Golden here and [...]...

  • Pallab's Place

    Pallab's Place

    DRAM updates at ISSCC 2012
    Published. March 1, 2012

    At the recent ISSCC, the DRAM rollouts took place opposite of the microprocessor announcements. The well attended session was greeted with several themes – new interface and performance, lower power, higher densities, and new processes. The new 3.5Gbps DDR4 SDRAMs were introduced by Samsung. Not only is the interface faster, but it brings new levels [...]...

  • John Coyne's Embedded Blog

    John Coyne's Embedded Blog

    Compact 7 Webcast–June 19th!
    Published. May 21, 2012

      Our Windows Embedded Compact 7 team is hosting a Webcast on June 19th! Image Tuning to balance Performance and Power in Windows Embedded Compact 7 The demands of the embedded world make creating the best image possible an absolute requirement. ...(read more)...

  • Clay Breshears (Intel)

    Clay Breshears (Intel)

    Can I still get an Energy Efficient Free Lunch?
    Published. February 17, 2012

    When the semiconductor industry was turning to multicore chips and lowering clock rates, Herb Sutter wrote a seminal article entitled "The Free Lunch is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software." Up to that point software developers relied on the increasing clock speeds (the "free lunch") to give their software a boost in the next generation [...]...

  • BCL Team Blog

    BCL Team Blog

    Overriding part registration conventions with the MEF attributes [Nick]
    Published. November 3, 2011

    This post discusses features in the preview version of MEF, and some details may change between now and the full release. One of the big advances made in the new MEF preview is a convention-driven programming model aimed at eliminating repetitive attribute usage. In this new model, the MEF attributes like Export and Import have a new role as the clean and powerful mechanism for overriding the registration conventions. Configuration by exception The power in convention-driven rules is that they require...

  • PCB Signal and Power Integrity Tech Corner

    PCB Signal and Power Integrity Tech Corner

    What to analyze?
    Published. July 6, 2012

    In my previous blog, I talked about how a printed circuit board is nothing more than a path for signals and power to travel to and from ICs.  For a long time, the path was “short” enough to not even matter.  Then signals became fast enough that the board became a signficant part of the [...]...

  • Arthur Schaldenbrand Blog

    Arthur Schaldenbrand Blog

    Measuring Bipolar Transistor ft with Fixed Base-Collector Voltage
    Published. June 12, 2012

    Recently I had a question from reader. He asked a good question: "How do you to measure a bipolar transistor's ft when the base-collector voltage, Vbc, is fixed?" Attached is a modified version of the testbench that allows a user to measure ft with a fixed Vbc. While the aesthetics are not as pleasing as the original testbench, it does the job. The testbench is shown in Figure 1. The base of the bipolar transistor, the DUT, is grounded.  The collector of the transistor is connected...

  • Michael Jacobs Blog

    Michael Jacobs Blog

    Webinar: SOI Gives More Performance Per Watt, And There's An Easy Path
    Published. August 20, 2010

    If you've seen any of the recent buzz lately around Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI), you'd know that it's an excellent option that can enable you to meet lower power consumption and die area targets without sacrificing performance or functionality. This is why Cadence, ARM and IBM have partnered to provide you an easy path to silicon with the SOI process for your digital design, including production proven software, design kits and IP.   If you're a design manager or engineer, and...

  • Ran Avinun's Blog

    Ran Avinun's Blog

    Why the Demand for Acceleration and Emulation is Growing
    Published. February 14, 2011

    The dream of any marketer is a growing demand for its product line. Let me start this blog by quoting the System Realization (part of the Cadence EDA360 strategy) section from the transcript of the recent (Q4) Cadence earnings call. "In April (2010), we introduced the Verification Computing Platform, enabling emulation, acceleration, and simulation all on one single platform. Customers who are designing SoCs at 40nm and below find this product necessary to meet the time-to-market and quality targets....

  • Steven Brown's Blog

    Steven Brown's Blog

    DATE Spotlights System Development University Investment in Europe
    Published. March 10, 2011

    In this guest blog Markus Winterholer, R&D engineer at Cadence, explains why he's attending the University Booth at the DATE Conference in Grenoble, France March 14-18. I’m getting ready for a busy upcoming week with DATE conference in Grenoble, France. Besides organizing a workshop and a panel about embedded system debug and test, presenting Cadence ESL tools at the Europractice event and helping representing Cadence at GlobalFoundries (booth 1& 2), I’m squeezing customer...

  • Team ESL Blog

    Team ESL Blog

    Webinar by XtremeEDA on system realization on September 8th
    Published. September 6, 2010

    The first webinar in the series of webinars organized by Cadence with the System Realization Alliance partners is by XtremeEDA on September 8th at 10AM Pacific time. To register click here.About the WebinarDesigning integrated circuits from RTL brought about a revolution in semiconductor design about 15 years ago. It was much simpler than assembling transistors by hand. The new methodology made it possible to hire people with less transistor/logic experience and qualifications to do the job...

  • Team genIES Blog

    Team genIES Blog

    Infinite Playbook for the Verification Superbowl
    Published. January 10, 2011

    Its 4th and long, you're down by six, the clock is running out, and you are wary of a bug-blitz.  What play do you call? With new approach defined by Silicon Realization, the updated Incisive Enterprise Simulator provides the new capabilities to finsh your drive, route the bugs, and win the verification Superbowl.Even before the snap you need to check the environment statically to eliminate bugs. The 700+ rules in the HAL lint support were expanded with new coding and structual checks, as...

  • Tom Anderson's Blog

    Tom Anderson's Blog

    India Needs Real-World Assertions Too
    Published. November 18, 2011

    I've just returned from a week-long trip to India, spending most of my time at the Cadence R&D center in Noida. I was last there a year ago for our CDNLive! India 2010 event, a great show that prompted me to write a glowing blog post. This year's show was covered admirably by my colleague Joe Hupcey, which was fine with me since traveling to India twice in three weeks would be tough even for us seasoned road warriors. This time my focus was strictly on product development and deployment,...

  • A View From the Top

    A View From the Top

    A Closer Look at Software Development for ARM’s big.LITTLE Processing – Part II
    Published. May 25, 2012

    big.LITTLE processing refers to the concept of combining a high performance ARM Cortex™-A15 MPCore™ processor along with an energy efficient Cortex-A7 processor. There were two primary use models recently introduced by ARM for big.LITTLE processing: task migration and MP. The big.LITTLE task migration use model is where the applications migrate between one cluster and another [...]...

  • Conversation Central

    Conversation Central

    How Far We’ve Come, Where We’re Going – Insights from the 24th Forum
    Published. December 15, 2011

    Guests: John Goodenough, Vice President, Design Technology and Automation, ARM; Jim Hogan, Private Investor; Mark Templeton, President, Scientific Ventures, LLC; Michael Keating, Synopsys Fellow (retired), Author of the Low Power Methodology Manual; Shay Gal-On, Director, Software Engineering, EEMBC; Shishpal Rawat, Chair, Accellera. Hosts: Karen Bartleson, Sr. Director, Community Marketing, Synopsys and Yvette Huygen, Director, Worldwide [...]...

  • Kathy Farrel (Intel)

    Kathy Farrel (Intel)

    A Lively Discussion with Community Black Belt Developer Gaston Hillar at IDF 2011 - PPT #125
    Published. November 9, 2011

    We usually interview ISN Black Belt Developer, and well-known author Gaston Hillar at IDF and this year was no exception. In this show Gaston shares his enthusiasm about new Intel products including CPUs (especially Intel Atom), Developer Tools and a bigger empasis on the quality of the user experience. Download Link - High Quality MP4 Video File [...]...

  • TWICE Viewpoint Blog

    TWICE Viewpoint Blog

    Best Buy Meeting Could Be ‘Bumpy’
    Published. June 20, 2012

  • Bob Duffy (Intel)

    Bob Duffy (Intel)

    Intel App Show 26: Paint, Model, & Code Using an Ultrabook
    Published. June 12, 2012

    In this episode we walk you through 3 stages of development from conceptualizing, modeling, and coding an app, all on using an Ultrabook. Why do this, well because we think this is one way to show off the power, convenience of an Ultrabook. In this demo we see 3 very powerful and compelling applications that handle the 3 various stages of development....

  • James Reinders (Intel)

    James Reinders (Intel)

    Intel MIC Architecture and Intel Xeon Phi, debuts #150 on Top500 and highly power efficient
    Published. June 18, 2012

    The Top500 List released on June 18, 2012, included preproduction Knights Corner coprocessors in the #150 system. It became the first system on the Top500 list to utilize the Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) Architecture. The system came in at #150 on the Top500 and was cited as the third most power efficient design in the [...]...

  • McAfee Labs

    McAfee Labs

    Skywiper – Fanning the ‘Flames’ of Cyberwarfare
    Published. May 28, 2012

    A few weeks ago, Iran reported intensified cyberattacks on its energy sector that they observed as a direct continuation of the Stuxnet and Duqu attacks. Over the weekend, the IR Cert (Iran’s emergency response team) published a new report that describes this attack as Flame and/or Flamer. Some other news agencies also called  the attack Read more......

  • Signal Integrity

    Signal Integrity

    The Power of S-parameters for High Speed Digital Design
    Published. May 29, 2012

    Tutorial introduction to s-parameters for high speed digital design....

  • Soft Talk - Multicore and Parallel Programming

    Soft Talk - Multicore and Parallel Programming

    Free tool to measure your battery use on Android
    Published. May 9, 2012

    People care about battery life. They want to know that when they pick up their phone it will work for them, and that their friends can reach them at any time. That’s why it’s basic courtesy for developers to make sure their software is energy efficient. If they’re squandering battery power, users will soon desert [...]...

  • Rands In Repose

    Rands In Repose

    You Are Underestimating the Future
    Published. April 23, 2012

    I do this talk called "The Engineer, The Designer, and The Dictator", and it's a talk about the things I love. It's a little bit about the nature of engineers and why I think we might have more power than......

  • Mike Jensen's Blog

    Mike Jensen's Blog

    Teaching and Learning CAN Bus
    Published. April 11, 2012

    One of the great things about working with SystemVision is its ability to model and analyze a variety of systems. One day I might be working with an automotive company discussing the electro-hydraulic performance of an automobile braking system. The next day I could easily be talking with an aerospace company discussing power distribution for [...]...

  • Tao B Wang (Intel)

    Tao B Wang (Intel)

    Meego Tablet 1.2 On Low Power Embedded Platform(China National College Student Software Innovation Contest Series)
    Published. August 5, 2011

    The is a translation of a blog wrote by Zhchbin, a CS senior from Zhong Shang  University(, China. He participated the 4th Intel Cup  National Software Innovation  Contest for College Student( NSICCS) this year. The original blog can be found here. Embedded  Platform LAB-8902 embedded platform is a new low power high-performance embedded platform made [...]...

  • Robert MuellerAlbrecht (Intel)

    Robert MuellerAlbrecht (Intel)

    Even better Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor optimizations with the Intel(R) C++ Compiler
    Published. December 21, 2008

    The Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor is a new generation of low-power processors. Their unique design makes it recommendable to optimize your applications specifically for performance on the Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor. Only then will you be able to take full advantage of the power savings and the fullexecution performance of this micro architecture. The most obvious difference [...]...

  • Gunjan Rawal (Intel)

    Gunjan Rawal (Intel)

    Meet our latest Intel Black Belt Software Developers!
    Published. June 21, 2010

    Today, we are announcing 7 new Intel Black Belt Software Developers. This title is highest level of recognition on both Intel Atom Developer Program and Intel Software Network and it recognizes the exceptional community leadership, collaboration and k......

  • Erich Styger << The Embedded Beat

    Erich Styger << The Embedded Beat

    The Power of Embedded Components
    Published. June 16, 2010

    By Erich Styger I’m working on the final small (but very important) details for next week’s Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) in Orlando, Florida. I’ll present two sessions at FTF around the Eclipse-based CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers v10.0 product. I’m looking forward to FTF. I’ll bring examples, prototypes and demonstrations of student work from the university where [...]...

  • Glen Burchers << The Embedded Beat

    Glen Burchers << The Embedded Beat

    Can Nvidia be a power hog and a battery miser at the same time?
    Published. January 25, 2011

    By Glen Burchers Can Nvidia really be a power hog and a battery miser at the same time? Because that’s what it appears they’re trying to do by shifting to their Tegra processor from their GeForce desktop graphics processors. Nvidia grew to fame selling outrageously powerful graphics processors. The gaming community is indebted to Nvidia [...]...

  • Taken For Granted

    Taken For Granted

    “Fight the Power!” – No, “Fight the Energy!”
    Published. September 30, 2011

    For years I have observed a simple confusion between power and energy leading designers to jump to odd conceptions about design alternatives. Power consumption is expressed in units such as milliWatts (mW) consumed over some suitably short interval of time.  To quote our modern oracle, Wikipedia, In its technical sense, power is not at all [...]...

  • Ask Steve

    Ask Steve

    The Six Powers of a Manager
    Published. July 27, 2011

    Question:  My boss continuously manages his subordinates through carrots and sticks.  He routinely threatens employees’ jobs and also dangles perks to motivate.  Otherwise, he is incompetent in providing the needed resources, guidance or expertise in leading us to success.  What do you have to say?   -Sabina R., Phoenix   Answer: There are essentially six main powers vested in a boss.  An appropriate mix of these powers and using the correct power for a given...

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