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The PIC16F178X family of microcontrollers offers a powerful single-chip design solution for portable/wearable, low-power, and cost-effective medical device designs. The high level of integration of this microcontroller family can give these designs an overall lower bill of material cost as well as give more flexibility and control to the designer.

The integrated analog feature set consists of up to three operational amplifiers and a fully differential 12-bit ADC for signal conditioning as well as high performance, rail-to-rail comparators. Both an on-chip fixed voltage reference and an 8-bit DAC can be utilized in several ways including use as a fixed or variable voltage reference under program control. Additional features of the PIC16F178X microcontroller family include integrated capacitive touch sensing as well as advanced PWM capability. With this family of microcontrollers Microchip offers the industry standard for low power with its nanoWatt XLP technology.

Looking to the future? The PIC16F178X family of microcontrollers uses the same tool set, including Microchip’s MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment, which is used for all of Microchip’s PIC® microcontrollers. Future designs can quickly and easily be ported to Microchip’s broad portfolio of 8-bit, 16-bit, dsPIC® DSCs, and 32-bit microcontrollers.


  • Integrated operational amplifiers give designers the ability to create powerful signal conditioning solutions with minimal external components
  • Integrated, fully differential 12-bit ADC with software selectable references offers increased ADC resolution for demanding analog signal processing requirements
  • Integrated fixed voltage reference and on-chip 8-bit DAC enables medical device designs with high-resolution, stable references that are independent of VDD and drifting supply voltage
  • Integrated mTouch™ Technology; capacitive touch sensing technology replaces mechanical buttons and enables the design of high-reliability buttons, sliders, and proximity detectors in custom sizes and shapes
  • Microchip’s nanoWatt XLP, eXtreme low power technology makes possible smaller-footprint, portable and wearable medical device designs with longer battery lifetimes than were previously possible



  • CPU: RISC core with 8 MIPS performance and Flash program memory with self read/write capability
  • Analog signal chain: Op amps with rail-to-rail input/output, GBWP up to 3 MHz, and internal connection to DAC/fixed voltage reference. 12-bit ADC with single-ended or fully differential inputs and selectable reference sources
  • Integrated programmable switch mode controller with 16-bit period, duty cycle, and phase as well as 16 ns clock resolution
  • nanoWatt XLP: eXtreme low power technology offers 50 nA sleep current, 500 nA current with extended watch dog timer active, and 32 uA/MHz active current consumption


Glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, CPAP, thermometers, insulin pumps and oxygen concentrator


For a complete list of available products and tools, please visit www.microchip.com.

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