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TeraXP™ Development Workstation (Intel, GPGPU)

Compatible Operating Systems: Red Hat Enterprise MRG (Linux)
Supported Architectures: OpenVPX, VPX

The commercial grade TeraXP™ Development Workstation accelerates and simplifies the creation and evaluation of your signal and data processing designs for CSPI’s TeraXP™ family of OpenVPX Embedded Servers.

The TeraXP™ Development Workstation features the same Intel® Xeon® processor chipset used on the 3220Q TeraXP™ compute blade, a NVIDIA GPGPU and the same FDR InfiniBand HCA used on the 3300GTX TeraXP™ co-processor blade. It also includes a DVD-RW and Disk Drive to support development and release updates.

The FDR InfiniBand HCA module in the development workstation provides a direct link to an external 36 port SwitchX™. The SwitchX™ supports a Converged Fabric enabling several TeraXP™’s as well as other 10/40 GbE and Fibre Channel subsystems to exist on a single “one-wire” fabric, creating a comprehensive development platform environment.

The TeraXP™ Development workstation comes pre-installed with all the software, tools, libraries, middleware, and BIOS/BSP needed to support the general purpose processor, graphics co-processor and converged fabric.


  • Development Environment is architecturally identical to the deployment environment
  • Intel® Multi-core general purpose processors for compute density
  • NVIDIA MXM GPGPU’s for accelerated performance
  • Converged Fabric technology for high bandwidth InfiniBand, Ethernet and Fibre Channel connectivity
  • Turnkey Development Workstation, pre-installed with a Software Development Kit supporting the general purpose processor, graphics co-processor and converged fabric


  • TeraXP™ Development Workstation with a Display, Keyboard, & Mouse, DVD-RW & 500 GB Disk Drive
  • Intel® Xeon® LC5528 Processor / 2x Sockets (configured as 3220Q)
  • DDR3 Memory 16 Gbytes (4 banks of 4 GB each)
  • GPGPU: Fermi Architecture
  • Host Channel Adapter (HCA) with Mellanox ConnectX®-3 Virtual Protocol Interconnect (VPI ) technology supporting 56 Gbp/s InfiniBand, 10/40 GbE and Fibre Channel




Embedded Military Computing: Radar, sonar, digital signal processing, command and control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)

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