Curtiss-Wright Controls Rugged Conduction-Cooled NVIDIA-based GPGPU Processing Engines Pass L200 Rugged Qualification

Company’s highest performance 3U and 6U GPGPU boards successfully meet harsh temperature range, shock and vibration testing for deployed military applications

Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions, a business group of Curtiss-Wright Controls, has announced the successful completion of Level 200 (L200) ruggedization level testing and qualification of its 3U VPX3-491 and 6U VPX6-490 NVIDIA® GPGPU OpenVPX™ GPU Application Accelerator modules. VPX3-491 and VPX6-490 are based on the NVIDIA® GF104 GPGPU, the highest performing CUDA compatible device on NVIDIA®’s embedded roadmap.  Both the single GPGPU VPX3-491 and dual-GPGPU VPX6-490 modules met Curtiss-Wright’s extensive L200 conduction-cooled qualification status which signifies deployment readiness.  Achieving the conduction-cooled L200 ruggedization level qualifies each module for operation with a card edge temperature ranging from -40C to +85C, in addition to shock, vibration and other environmental parameters.  This result sets a new benchmark for GPGPU performance in the rugged COTS market and ensures optimal GPGPU-based digital signal processing (DSP) in high performance embedded computing (HPEC) open architecture systems deployed in demanding military applications such as C4ISR, EO/IR, and persistent surveillance.
“The successful qualification of our NVIDIA-based processing modules further enhances Curtiss-Wright Controls’ ability to deliver high-performance, high-power, rugged-deployed GPGPU-based solutions,” said Lynn Bamford, senior vice president and general manager of Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions. “We are committed to offering the market’s most advanced, rugged high performance computing solutions.”

Vigorous, Demanding Tests
The VPX3-491 and VPX6-490 were subjected to a battery of harsh environmental testing to ensure their survivability in military applications where extreme conditions may range from the heat of a desert tarmac to the intense cold of high-altitude flight. These tests included operating over the -40°C to 85°C card-edge temperature range. The conduction-cooled cards were also subjected to, and successfully survived, 40g shock, 10g sine vibration, and 0.1g2 random vibration tests
All Curtiss-Wright modules are subject to environmental stress screening (ESS), as part of the manufacturing process to mitigate the risk of infant mortality in the field.  Cards are subjected to vibration, thermal screening, hot and cold starts and supply voltage variations as specified by their ruggedization level. The ESS screen helps to identify and eliminate marginal faults before products leave the factory, ensuring that the deployed cards will deliver optimal performance in the harshest environments. 

About the VPX3-491
The 3U VPX3-491 GPU Application Accelerator supports DSP applications with its onboard NVIDIA® Fermi architecture GPU. Based on industry-standard MXM modules, the VPX3-491 is fitted with a 240-core GPU device supported with 80 GBbytes/s local GDDR5 memory bandwidth. The VPX3-491 leverages new OpenVPX profile standards to deploy the bandwidth of a 16-lane Gen2 PCI Express interface which is critical to maximizing the performance that can be extracted from the GPUs.

VPX3-491 Performance Features:

  • 3U OpenVPX™ form factor
  • One GF104 NVIDIA® Fermi architecture GPU
    • 240-cores
    • 2 Gbytes GDDR5 memory
    • 256-bit wide memory bus
    • 80 Gbytes/s memory bandwidth
    • 16-lane Gen2 PCIe interface
  • Dual DVI graphics outputs
  • Temperature sensors
  • Voltage sensor
  • Current sensor
  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) support
  • 12V power
  • Level 0 air-cooled and Level 200 conduction-cooled
  • CUDA 4.X support for Linux

About the VPX6-490
The 6U VPX6-490 GPU Application Accelerator features dual NVIDIA® Fermi architecture GPUs, each with 240 CUDA™ cores. When integrated into a deployed HPEC system, the VPX6-490 functions as a co-processor attached to a host Intel®-processor board and takes advantage of the new PCIe Expansion Plane definitions in the VITA 65 OpenVPX standard to provide off the shelf backplane support for high-speed interconnection between pairs of SBC/GPU.

VPX6-490 Performance Features:

  • 6U OpenVPX™ GPGPU Application Accelerator
  • 80 Gbyte/s memory bandwidth
  • Two GF104 NVIDIA Fermi architecture:
    • 240 CUDA processor cores
    • 2 Gbytes GDDR5 memory
    • 256-bit memory interface
    • 16-lane Gen2 PCIe interface
    • Dual DVI graphics outputs
  • CUDA 4.X library support
  • Rugged air-cooled and conduction-cooled variants
  • Temperature sensors
  • IPMI
  • 12V power

Sales & Editorial Contacts
For editorial information regarding Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions products or services, contact John Wranovics, public relations director, Curtiss-Wright Controls, Tel: (925) 640-6402; email.
Sales inquiries: Please forward all Sales and reader service inquiries to Jerri-Lynne Charbonneau, Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions, Tel: (613) 254-5112; Fax: (613) 599-7777; e-mail: Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions, Tel: (978) 952-2017.

Price and Availability
For price and availability, or to inquire about 3U and 6U evaluation systems, please contact the factory. Click here for more information on the VPX3-491.  Click here for more information on the VPX6-490.  

About Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions
Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions (CWCDS) is a long established technology leader in the development of rugged electronic modules and systems for defense applications. CWCDS serves as a technology and integration partner to its customers, providing a full range of advanced, highly engineered solutions from modular open systems approaches to fully custom optimized solutions. Our unmatched capabilities and product breadth span from industry standard based COTS modules to complete electronic subsystems. The company’s modules and systems are currently deployed in a wide range of demanding defense & aerospace applications including C4ISR systems, unmanned subsystems, mission computing, fire control, turret stabilization, and recording & storage solutions. Additionally, the company’s broad engineering capabilities combine systems, software, electrical, and mechanical design expertise with comprehensive program management and a broad range of life-cycle support services. For more information visit

About Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc.
Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C,, Curtiss-Wright Controls is the Motion Control segment of Curtiss-Wright Corporation. With manufacturing facilities around the world, Curtiss-Wright Controls is a leading technology-based organization providing niche motion control products, subsystems and services internationally for the aerospace and defense markets. For more information, visit

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