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CEE -J® Virtual Machine

Compatible MIPS Architectures: Linux, VxWorks, eCos, NucleusPLUS, pSOS

Compatible MIPS Architectures: MIPS 32, MIPS 64

Proven in the marketplace on millions of devices and more on the way, Skelmir®’s clean room CEE-J virtual machines are found on a variety of embedded platforms from set top boxes & integrated TVs to office machines, routers, industrial applications, handheld wireless devices and more. Combined with Skelmir’s compilation technology, advanced graphics, tools and team of experts, CEE-J is a welcomed addition to customer development efforts.


CEE-J makes running your Java applications practical on resource constrained devices. The CEE-J static footprint makes it flexible enough to accommodate almost any set of requirements. Whether your device calls for a minimal VM implementation or a complete platform for supporting OSGi, MHP, OCAP, browsers and other graphics-intensive middleware and applications, Skelmir has a solution to suit your needs.


CEE-J has been ported to an extensive and constantly growing list of processors. Contact Skelmir for the most current list!


Skelmir’s CWT graphics engine is built directly into the CEE-J VM providing advanced features such as TrueType Font rendering engine support, anti-aliased text & graphics, full alpha channel support, text on a path, wobble, shading, and more.

Real Time Systems

Hard real time systems can add CEE-J functionality while maintaining the deterministic behavior of the native applications.


  • Advanced Graphical Capabilities ideal for devicecentric UIs
  • Minimal footprint, maximum performance
  • Proven and Portable
  • Flexible licensing
  • Integration & support by Skelmir’s expert team


  • Hosts MHP & other industry standard middleware applications
  • Full VM & Advanced Graphics footprint ranges from 1-3 MB flash
  • New Ahead-of-Time & Dynamic compilation available
  • Remote debugging support
  • Add-on tools for ease of development


Available today


Audio, Automotive, DTV and STB (set-top-boxes), Home Entertainment, Office Automation, Smart Card & Security

Contact Information

Skelmir LLC

55 Davis Square
2nd Floor
Somerville, MA, 02144

tele: 617.625.1551

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