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Seamless HW/SW Integration for MIPS Technologies Processors

Compatible MIPS Architectures:MIPS32®, MIPS64®

At some point during the development of systems with embedded processors, you must prove that both hardware and software work together. Postponing verification until the hardware is ready exposes the design team to the prospect of a lengthy validation process and increases the risk that a rebuild or re-spin will be required. Performing the task of verification before fabrication requires a productive environment for validating hardware and software together. As electronic designs become ever more complex, the need for effective hardware/ software integration increases proportionally.

The Mentor Graphics® Seamless® HW/SW integration platform creates a virtual prototype of a completed embedded system months before a physical prototype can be engineered. By executing embedded software on simulated hardware, Seamless allows you to fully verify the HW/SW interface and surrounding hardware, accelerate the debug of firmware, and analyze the performance of your chosen implementation—all before you commit to building the hardware.

By integrating existing HW/SW development flows, Seamless creates a common environment based on a single reference model. This enables simultaneous integration of HW/SW early in the design cycle. Seamless gives the designer the ability to make intelligent tradeoffs between detail and performance at different times during the design cycle.

Seamless HW/SW integration enables systems developers to validate HW/SW interfaces in a virtual prototype prior to fabrication of the design.


  • Controllability and Observability – detect, isolate & correct errors; identify HW/SW performance bottlenecks
  • Performance Profiling – accurately measure system performance
  • Super-high capacity and faster runtime, as well as significant leakage/dynamic power optimization
  • Integration – eliminate HW prototype iterations; reduce risk of schedule slip
  • Optimization – improve simulation throughput
  • Virtual Prototyping – accelerate software debug, removing it from the critical pa


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Advanced DVD Systems; Audio; Automotive; Broadband Solutions; DTV; DVD; Home Entertainment; Imaging/ Video; Mobile Electronics/Wireless; Networking; Smart Card & Security

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