What Every CIO Should Know about Cloud Computing

At the “What Every CIO Should Know About Cloud Computing” panel at FIRE X, we talked about how today’s IaaS momentum will shift to PaaS in coming years;  we also discussed the enterprise shift to private clouds with public cloud augmentation.  This panel was different from many cloud panels because it contained a mix of enterprise perspectives, ranging from those who have deployed IaaS successfully for specific projects, to cloud infrastructure experts who understand the constraints and dynamics of more fluid IT operating models.

The following are my own takeaways, although here it is, the:  Future In Review cloud panel video.

1)      The peak of public cloud momentum has passed, and many enterprises will invest in private clouds and use public cloud for special projects and usage spikes. “Own the base, rent the spike.”

2)      Private cloud can be cheaper than public cloud for predictable workloads.  Public clouds useful for special projects.

3)      PaaS will likely supersede IaaS as specialized, vertical platforms are built.  Oracle’s Hurd alluded to this during his FIRE conversation with Mark Anderson.

4)      Public cloud (IaaS) has been very effective in lowering the IT payoff threshold for SMBs as well as budget and time-sensitive special projects where enterprises could not have built a solution (as quickly or economically) internally.


Photo Copyright (c) 2012 Dan Lamont / Strategic News Service.

Thanks again to the panel: James Barrese, CTO, PayPal; Winston Damarillo, Co-Founder and CEO, Morphlabs; David Nelson, Chief Strategist, Cloud Computing, Boeing; Paul Strong, CTO, Global Field Ops, VMware; and Don Pickering, CEO, OneOcean.

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