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AdvancedTCA Vendors Look for Growth
Analysis of LTE Base Station Software Deployment on Multicore SoCs

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  • The Innovative MI/O Extension Single Board Computer Unveiled

    Configurable designs and pricing competitiveness are the two primary factors in defining the future of vertical applications. In light of making standardized, embedded single board computers a more thoughtful fit for client demands, Advantech introduced the innovative MI/O Extension solution to assist application providers in quickly providing optimal solutions to their clients, while still securing their domain knowhow in key vertical industrial technologies.

  • No end to the possibilities: x86 meets FPGA Intel® Atom™ E6x5C processor with integrated Altera FPGA marks a new era in embedded computing

    The Intel® Atom™ E6x5C processor series pairs an Intel® Atom™ E6x5 series processor with an Altera Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) in a single package. This is an entirely new approach to embedded x86 technologies with the potential to dramatically change the way in which embedded devices are designed in the future. It opens a new window for x86 technologies to become even more dedicated on acommon technology platform.

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