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Technologic Systems Industrial Controllers

Technologic Systems offers two powerful computers targeting industrial process control, the TS-8820-BOX and the TS-7558-BOX. Our Linux-powered process controllers can be connected directly to industrial equipment using rugged screw terminal connectors and isolated I/O. With Technologic Systems controllers, an intelligent automation system can be implemented at low cost with a minimal number of components.

The TS-7558-BOX
The TS-7558-BOX is a complete solution for extremely low cost industrial control applications. Designed around the mature Cavium 250MHz ARM9 architecture, the TS-7558-BOX is priced at $199 (qty 100) including the plastic enclosure. The screw terminals bring out 16 I/O- isolated inputs, isolated outputs, and ADC. TS-7520-BOX with 50 DIO and 8 ADC is also available.

The TS-8820-BOX
The TS-8820-BOX is a powerful solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. This controller features an 800MHz CPU housed in a rugged extruded aluminum enclosure that exposes the I/O on screw terminals while protecting the sensitive electronics. 120 screw terminals on the TS-8820-BOX bring out 46 I/O- ADC, DAC, H-bridges, relays, isolated CAN, isolated RS-232, and isolated RS-485. TS-8820-BOX is priced at $588 (qty 100), including the enclosure.

FPGA Flexibility
Both products feature FPGAs, making them an ideal solution for industrial applications that require non-standard interfaces. For a one-time engineering charge, Technologic Systems engineers can create custom FPGA programming to solve a wide variety of problems. The opencore FPGAs also enable customers with verilog programming expertise to do their own development.

The TS-7558-BOX and TS-8820-BOX both boot Linux in under 3 seconds, allowing your application to start working immediately. The Linux kernel can be loaded from SD card or from the industrial SLC XNAND drive for a guaranteed bootup.

Full Debian Linux is also supported, allowing sophisticated software solutions such as database servers, web servers, and custom applications in Ladder Logic, Structured Text, Java, PHP, python, perl, or any language supported by Debian.


For both the TS-7558-BOX and the TS-8820-BOX, Technologic Systems provides a C library for accessing all hardware features, as well as a wrapper utility for scripted access. A complete industrial control application with a web-based user interface served by the controller can be written in the scripting language of your choice.


  • Program in C or ladder logic
  • 800MHz CPU (8820)
  • 250MHz CPU (7588)
  • Fanless operation from -20°C to +70°C
  • Rugged industrial screw-down connectors
  • Opto-isolated digital I/O
  • 16 channels of 16 bit ADC (8820)
  • 8 channels of 12 bit ADC (7588)
  • 16 bit digital counters
  • PoE capable 10/100 Ethernet
  • USB Host ports
  • RS-232, RS-485, CAN (isolated on 8820)
  • Industrial SLC XNAND drive
  • User-programmable opencore FPGA
  • DIN mount option


Contact Information

Technologic Systems

16525 E Laser Dr
Fountain Hills, AZ,

tele: 480.837.5200
fax: 480.837.5300

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