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TS-Socket Macrocontrollers Jump Start Your Embedded System Design

Compatible Operating Systems: Linux
Supported Architectures: ARM9, Cortex A8

The TS-SOCKET Macrocontrollers are a series of embedded computers based on the TS-SOCKET connector standard. These CPU core modules securely connect to your custom base board, enabling drastically reduced design time and complexity. Start your embedded system design around one of our TS-SOCKET Macrocontrollers to reduce your overall project risk and accelerate time to market.

TS-SOCKET is an embedded computer standard designed and controlled by Technologic Systems, Inc. It defines both a form-factor and a connection pin-out and is based on two 100-pin low-profile connectors, allowing secure connection between a Macrocontroller and a base board.

A TS-SOCKET Macrocontroller is an embedded CPU board that implements the TS-SOCKET specification. The form-factor is 75 mm x 55 mm, about the size of a credit card. In addition to two 100-pin off-board male connectors, a TS-SOCKET Macrocontroller features CPU, RAM, NAND Flash, SD Card socket, Ethernet MAC/PHY and requires a single 5 V power source. Peripherals can include USB host and device, I2C, CAN, GPIO, external bus, video, touchscreen, audio, SPI, and UART. All parts are soldered-on and no moving-parts are used, ensuring embedded ruggedness and reliability.

A TS-SOCKET base board can be any piece of hardware, supplied by the customer or Technologic Systems, that interfaces with a Macrocontroller through the dual TS-SOCKET standard connectors.

All TS-SOCKET Macrocontrollers are designed with a common pin-out, which means that they are interchangeable. This will give our customers more options and flexibility when selecting an embedded system, since a base board can be used with multiple macrocontrollers. As an application example, a base board designed to provide video and touchscreen functionality can have its CPU easily upgraded to improve video playback performance or later as a second generation upgrade. Lower design costs and faster time-to-market directly result from the TS-SOCKET board interchangeability feature because the standardization significantly reduces design complexity.


  • TS-4200: Atmel ARM9 with super low power
  • TS-4500: Cavium ARM9 at extremely low cost
  • TS-4700: Marvell PXA166 with Video and 800 MHz CPU
  • TS-4800: FreeScale iMX515 with Video and 800 MHz CPU



  • Simplifies custom embedded systems
  • Rapid design process gets products to market faster
  • Several COTS base boards for evaluation and development
  • Design your own base board or use our design services
  • Macrocontrollers are interchangeable for future upgrades


  • 75mm x 55mm (credit card sized)
  • Dual 100-pin connectors
  • Common pin-out interface
  • Secure connection with mounting holes
  • Low profile with 6mm spacing


TS-4200, TS-4500, TS-4700, and TS-4800 available now. Also available – COTS development baseboards and complete touch panel computers using TS-4700 and TS-4800


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